Saint Louis is born in 1976 as a Jazz School during the day and Jazz Club in the evening,
frequented by the greatest Italian and international jazz musicians.

The Jazz training ranges from the origins of jazz to swing, from be-bop to free jazz up to contemporary jazz artists, in a current and professionalizing vision. The Jazz Board, at the head of the Jazz Department, includes: Ramberto Ciammarughi, Antonio Solimene, Umberto Fiorentino, Rosario Giuliani, Cristiano Mastroianni, Stefano Mastruzzi

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Department of Jazz - Study plan, admission and enrollment procedures

Department of Jazz course aimed at admission to first level academic courses in Jazz, lasting from one to three years depending on the level of entry.
A Jazz full immersion, one-to-one instrument and vocal classes with renowned jazz players, workshops in trio, quartet and jazz quintet, Harmony, Ear Training and music production with a jazz cut, aimed at an in-depth knowledge of the jazz repertoire and literature.

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Interplay,creativity, impromptu improvisation. Study and practice of jazz composition and arrangement techniques for rhythm section and 5 winds with practice of direction of the student's own scores with resident bands.

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Department of Jazz innovative two-year courses exclusive to the Saint Louis, for Jazz specialization, through personalized study plans based on the artistic preferences of each trainee, aimed to involve students into recording productions and concert seasons alongside renowned artists.

2-year Jazz Performance 2nd cycle Courses
Instrument courses approved by the Ministry of Education. They represent a specialization in specific fields through training courses.

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2-year Jazz composition and arrangement 2nd Cycle Course
lesson at saint louisA collective artisan workshop focused on the development of creativity, the experimentation of jazz compositional techniques and arrangements for small and large ensembles, all goal-orientated for the students and their stylistic tendencies, for the development of their own artistic personality and aimed to create artistic recording productions and concerts.


Saint Louis Jazz Department was the first in Italy to be authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to award first and second cycle academic diplomas.