In the Department of Classical Music, excellence and innovation in music education at Saint Louis blends with tradition to educate classical music performers.

A Department in full expansion and development phase, in which the pre-academic and academic courses of Level I and II of classical guitar are activated, and soon also the pre-academic courses of opera singing and classical piano. In the Classical Music department there is also an orchestra conducting course, the only one in Italy.

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Path aimed at admission to academic classical music courses; the duration varies from one to three years depending on the entry level.


Access to the pre-academic Classical Guitar course without audition

A path aimed at acquiring the essential knowledge and skills to emerge as classical music performers. The fundamental techniques of the instrument are explored in depth, exploring the classical repertoire and cultivating one's own distinctive artistic expression.


You can access it at the end of the pre-academic path or through entrance exam

The Orchestra Conducting course at the Saint Louis is the first and only in Italy to offer a complete preparation, aimed at both musicians and composers, with the possibility during the course of studies to immediately deal with the conducting an orchestra of professional musicians, in various formations, from the double quintet (strings and woodwinds) to the Beethovenian orchestra of 40 elements.

A unique educational experience to acquire the gestural techniques, the concertation of scores drawn from the classical, romantic, modern and contemporary repertoire and, for composers, also from own original compositions.


Access by audition

The participation fees for the courses vary according to the ISEE income, not through rigid income brackets, but in a constant manner according to the actual ISEE parameter of each student.

  • The ordinary fee is applicable for Isee above 150,000; the maximal subsidy is applicable for incomes below 25,000.

  • You can enter your isee income to verify the actual amount of your annual fee, this fee will always have to be confirmed by the teaching secretariat.

  • The fees below do not take into account any academic or pre-academic subjects that are in debt/not successfully passed/needed to be repeated.