Electronic Music Department and Master represents the state of the art in music technology, training artists, Music Producers and composers of electroacoustic music, drawing inspiration, techniques and knowledge also from cross-cutting fields, such as classical music, film music. jazz and rock, in a current and vocational vision.

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Jazz Department - Study plan, enrollment and admission procedures

In-depth study path in acoustic physics, elements of fonia and signal path, microphones and miking techniques, analog and digital recording, the use of outboard. Approach to Live electronics and electronic music composition, elements of harmony and creative writing with musical software, approach to piano studies to use it as a working tool.

There is no admission exam, the duration is one year, at the end of which you can access through exams to specific first cycle academic courses of electronic music and sound technician


miurAccess to the pre-academic course of Sound Engineering and Electronic Music without audition

Specialization first cycle diploma in Electronic Music, compositional address, for electroacoustic music authors, live electronics performers and sound designers.

An avant-garde study path that explores programming techniques and languages, to work on artistic ideas with the aid of electronic instruments and state-of-the-art software applications, developing the full mastery of tools dedicated to contemporary electronic music production and dedicating a large space to music applied to images.


miurAcademic course with limited students number course: a maximum of 26 students

The Electronic Music department offers two different second cycle academic diploma specializations:

Live Electronics

Path focused on the developing of students own compositional matrix and artistic identity as an electroacoustic musician, through a working path of live electronics concerts, soundtracking of installations, images and multimedia projects. The student will acquire extensive expertise in composing and orchestrating with the most modern software and libraries, in processing a sound through a synthesis and / or sampling technique. Live electronics concerts in Festivals and Theaters.


Music Production

Specialization path that takes the student to look through the vision of a Music Producer. Each students will develop skills to manage music production projects at all stages of development. from creative writing, through arrangement and pre-production with real and virtual instruments, executive production, recording sessions, mixing and mastering, working on their own and on behalf of external help. Each student is educated to acquire full knowledge of the historical evolution of music production and also the techniques for making products for the record industry and media.


miurAcademic course with limited students number course and selected: 10 places available every year

Saint Louis Jazz Department was the first in Italy to be authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to award first and second cycle academic diplomas.