Foundation Course (Pre-academic)

Established under the Ministerial Decree 382/2018 by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research

Foundation Courses (Pre-academic)

The pre-academic course of Voice and Electronic Music is a one-year full immersion course aimed at admission to the author courses of Electronic Music and those for Sound Technicians.
Professional figures of reference are among the most requested on the job market, from recording studios to radio-television studios, from video and documentary production companies to new technologies in the multimedia world.

The Sound Engineering and Electronic music Foundation Course is also available in complete ONLINE MODALITY

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In-depth study of acoustic physics, elements of fonia and signal path, microphones and miking techniques, analog and digital recording, use of outboard, electronic music and Live electronics, elements of harmony and creative writing with musical software, piano studies to use it as a working tool.

  • Music Technology

    Digital audio and sampling, noise generated audio modulations, Midi protocol, use of sequencing software, virtual instruments, modular and compact synthesizers

  • Sound Engineering

    use and setting of mixer banks, pre-amplification, equalization, patch-bay, signal and spectrum processors, inserts, compressor, expander-gate, reverbs, delay and modulation processors.

  • Piano Theory and Practice

    the basics of music theory and harmony studies, complementary piano studies as a tool for productions using the computer

  • Live Electronics

    approach to the use of softwares for creating electro-acoustic music, Ableton, Reactor, Cycling 74 Max / Msp, Max for live.

  • Technical English

    Technical English focused on music technology terms

It is possible to finish the pre-academic course and consciously choose the academic study path of first cycle academic diploma courses between:
  • first cycle academic diploma in electronic music
  • first cycle academic diploma as sound technician

Weekly attendance, from 6 to 10 hours of lessons concentrated in 2-4 days every week. It allows a guided learning following the students step by step, with constant tests and checks on the students progress. It requires an average study effort of 6 hours per day

Online attendance, the delivery of the course is carried out entirely online. READ MORE

Admission tests are not required for admittance to the pre-academic course. The students can access without specific preparation.

However, the pre-academic course has a limited number, for a maximum of 96 students, enrollments open in May until all places are unavailable.

Foundation Course (Pre-academic)



The participation fees for the courses vary according to the Isee income, not through rigid income brackets, but in a constant manner according to the actual Isee parameter of each student.

  • The ordinary fee applies for ISEE higher than 150,000, the maximum discount applies for incomes lower than 25,000.

  • You can enter your isee income to verify the effective amount of your annual fee, this fee will go anyway always confirmed by the didactic secretariat.

  • The fees below do not take into account any academic or pre-academic subjects that are in debt/not successfully passed/needed to be repeated.