1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor level)

Authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor level)

First cycle academic diploma courses in Sound Engineering, a complete, innovative and avant-garde wealth of experiences and skills for the formation of Sound Engineers, Sound designers and Programmers.

The study path faces all the techniques used today by music producers , placing each student in front of different work situations, in the studio and in live contexts, allowing the student to work on analogue systems and in digital environments (Pro-Tools HD), experimenting real sessions of recording, mixing and recording production.

In addition to the first cycle degree, Pro Tools 101 , 110 and 200 certificates will be conferred.

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It is a limited students number course, open to a maximum of 60 students, coming from pre-academic courses or, in case of places left available, selected through audition.


Fill out the form and you will receive by e-mail the study program and detailed information on application procedures as well as a complete schedule of all deadlines.

Professional training course for live and studio sound technicians, 1200 hours of training and practice with the mixer guided by a tutor.

  • Fonia in studio

    Management of the recording studio, from microphone recording to the use of outboards and processors in the box, analog and digital banks, mix and post-production.

  • Fonia live

    Live concert management, microphones, digital live mixing, wiring and set-ups, amplification, input and final stages, diffusion systems, Point Source Array and Sub Array, Line Array.

  • Pro Tools

    Professional use of Pro Tools software and international certification from Avid levels 101,110 and 200.

  • Music Technology

    Sampling, Sound Design, Cubase and use of Virtual Instruments, modular and compact synthesizers.

  • Acoustics and Electroacoustics

    Modes of sound wave propagation in an enclosed space, whether it is the limited one of a musical instrument, or a larger enclosed environment, where problems of soundproofing and internal soundproofing, electroacoustic instruments (Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and clavinet) are faced, mechanical and electrical operation of transducers (microphones and loudspeakers), physical modeling of an acoustic instrument

Saint Louis is an authorized center Avid Pro Tools for the issue of international "Pro Tools User" certificates.

The students who attend the first cycle academic diploma course in Sound Technician take the exams directly to obtain the certifications: Pro Tools 101, Pro Tools 110 e Pro Tools 200.

Personalization of own study path choosing from over 200 different courses from the various departments of St. Louis, a unique opportunity to expand the own skills and build a future as a professional, able to operate in multiple sectors of Music Business.

  • Popular Music Department

    Music Management courses, choir writing and arrangement, Black Music, Neo-Soul, Writing and arrangement for pop orchestras, Digital Marketing, Konnakol, Ethnic Music, Creative Writing.

  • Jazz Department

    Jazz improvisation courses, jazz harmony studies, jazz arrangement for rhythm section and 5 horns, arrangement for big band.

  • Composition and Applied Music Department

    Courses in music for images, music for video games, music for films, sonorization of commercials, orchestration, traditional harmony studies, contrapuntal techniques.

  • Electronic Music Department

    Electronic music courses, Live Electronics, Ableton, Reaktor, Max for live

  • Sound Engineering Department

    Microphoneing courses, mixing management, home studio management and Mastering

At the end of the three-year first cycle academic courses, the student can continue the specialization studies in the following the two-year second cycle academic diploma (aut. Miur):

  • Mix & Mastering
  • Live Sound
  • Music Production
  • Sound technicians and engineers for live contexts and in the recording studio
  • operators of Music Technology and Sound designer
  • Music professions associated with multimedia events, art installations, sound systems

Since 2012 Saint Louis has participated in the Erasmus + program, which offers the possibility to every student of Academic level to live periods of mobility in other European and Extra-European Higher Education Institutes for study or internship projects.

Each student can therefore benefit of a maximum of 12 months of study or internship abroad for each study cycle (12 months max in the three-year first cycle, 12 months max in the two-year second cycle of academic studies), choosing one's destination among a wide and excellent offer of foreign partners that Saint Louis has established and consolidated over time.


    European Jazz Contest, Italian Jazz on the Road, Italian Jazz C.R.E.A”, Minus One – Italian Jazz on the Road to… Tbilisi, Body Sound DiVision

Mandatory attendance to the minimum extent of the 80% of the lessons.


    Classes are mostly held weekly, from Monday to Saturday. About 300 hours of lessons per year.


    Students who, for work or distance reasons, are unable to attend all the lessons provided for in the study plan can personalize their own study plan choosing how many subjects to attend from year to year. Part-time attendance implies a probable extension of the course of study beyond 3 years.

1. Consult the study plan and admission tests
Check that your self-preparation is in line with the skills required for the individual tests by clicking on Admission requirements and study plan

2. Fill out the application form
It is possible to submit an application for participation at the admission exam to I and II cycle academic courses from the 3rd of February to the 30th of April. Subsequent applications will only be considered on the basis of the remaining places available.
3. Wait for the call andtake the admission tests
The admission tests are held on one or two consecutive days
1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor level)



The participation fees for the courses vary according to the Isee income, not through rigid income brackets, but in a constant manner according to the actual Isee parameter of each student.

  • The ordinary fee applies for ISEE higher than 150,000, the maximum discount applies for incomes lower than 25,000.

  • You can enter your isee income to verify the effective amount of your annual fee, this fee will go anyway always confirmed by the didactic secretariat.

  • The fees below do not take into account any academic or pre-academic subjects that are in debt/not successfully passed/needed to be repeated.