1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor level)

Authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

Jazz Trombone, First Level Cycle Diploma (Bachelor level)

Development and research of one's own personal style in jazz, from tradition to be-bop to contemporary jazz, interplay and improvisation, creative use of altered scales, polyrtmia, chromatic melodic figurations, "outside" development, transcriptions and performances taken from recordings of school leaders of the main music styles of jazz.

Professional ensembles with renowned jazz musicians, performing concerts alongside them in Italian Clubs and Festivals.

Study and use of jazz compositional techniques and arrangement for rhythm section and five winds/brasses, aimed at live recording and concert productions.

Development of professional skills on sequencers and virtual instruments.


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It is a limited students number course, open to a maximum of 8 students, coming from Saint Louis pre-academic courses or selected through audition.

In questi appuntamenti Two of Two, che abbiamo fortemente voluto per gli specializzandi in jazz degli ultimi anni accademici, l’arte del duo diviene confronto generazionale tra navigati professionisti di levatura internazionale e giovanissimi musicisti di talento che hanno accettato la sfida con straordinario entusiasmo.

1st Cycle Academic Diploma (Bachelor level)