Counseling at Saint Louis

A dedicated and secure space for students and teachers to be listened, a private and protected environment for the conduction of:

  • Individual meetings:
    Each Monday ( by previous appointment) for students and teaching staff at Saint Louis venues:
    Relational counseling, builds together with the relationship setting itself, the place and time in which it is possible to focus on listening to the difficulties related to the learning, performance, relationships, problem areas and moments of crisis, which can interfere with the fluidity and quality of the vocational training.
    From a perspective of promoting one's well-being, the counselor also facilitates the development of resources, strengths and solutions already existing in the person that need to be seen and integrated.
  • Monthly, or biweekly, group meetings dedicated only to students:
    The group amplifies the individual process, supporting the environment of trust, psychological safety and freedom of expression.
    The group process, expands the knowledge of transversal and relational skills, tools for managing conflict and inner discomfort, turning exclusively to understanding and clearing the space of the evaluative and judgmental quality to which we are normally used to.

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