Production, promotion, physical and digital distribution

With its three labels - Urban49, Jazz Collection, Camilla Records - and the recording series ArtUro every year Saint Louis produces numerous original art projects, While Synchronicity is the project dedicated to background music.

Discography, production and promotion the philosophy of the three record labels is completely innovative, following the artist at every step of his/her path: from the creative phase to the recording and publication of the CD, up to the recording distribution and promotion on national territory through its own artistic agency.


Jazz Collection collects Jazz productions in all its nuances: from the cutting-edge bop, to mainstream and gipsy jazz, from big band to samba jazz. Camilla Records ranges between pop, rock, jazz and rock-blues with the intention of giving voice to originality and innovation. Urban 49 is a label designed as a factory, a "workshop" at the service of new talents, under the guidance of an artistic director, who follows them at every stage of the artistic journey. ArtUro is the series dedicated to emerging bands who have the opportunity to professionally record their unreleased songs and promote them through the creation of videos “live in studio”.