Alessio Baldelli


Alessio Baldelli

Alessio Baldelli, drummer, didatta e performer. Si laurea con lode in Batteria Jazz nel 2016 al termine del percorso accademico del Saint Louis. Nell’ottobre del 2020 consegue il diploma di secondo livello in Batteria e Percussioni Jazz presso il conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma con il massimo della votazione.
He also attended numerous seminars and master classes such as Roma Jazz's Cool and Siena Jazz Summer Workshop.

In 2016 he became a teacher of drums at Saint Louis College of Music.

Present for years in the Roman music scene with original projects and as a sideman. He performed in the main national festivals such as Umbria Jazz, stages such as Auditorium Parco della Musica and theaters such as Teatro Eliseo in Rome. Over time, he managed to range from small formations such as trios to large formations such as the Big Bands. He expanded his training in the recording studio with various artists from the Roman music scene and beyond.

Alessio Baldelli vanta collaborazioni con artisti del panorama musicale internazionale come: Gegè Telesforo, Gianni Oddi, Paolo Fresu, Javier Girotto, Peppe Servillo, Dino Piana, Gianni Coscia, Amedeo Tommasi, Claudio Colasazza, Alfredo Paixao.
He specialized his teaching approach not only in drums but also in subjects such as solfeggio, rhythmic analysis and complementary piano.