Claudio Ricci


Claudio Ricci

Claudio Ricci diplomato in Guitar Classica presso il Conservatorio S. Cecilia di Roma. Studia Chitarra Classica con Bruno Porcacchia, Stefano Mastruzzi e Carlo Carfagna. Studia Chitarra Moderna con Nicola Puglielli, Massimiliano Rosati e Stefano Micarelli. Studia Armonia Moderna e Arrangiamento con Andrea Avena e Fabrizio Pieroni.
Partecipa a diversi seminari, lezioni-concerto e laboratori tenuti da Umberto Fiorentino, Fabio Zeppetella, Marco Manusso, Massimiliano Rosati, Franco Ventura, Paolo Sorge, Andrea Avena, Massimo Fedeli, Fabrizio Cardosa.

He collaborated with various musical groups touching various and vast styles, from Pop to Rock, Blues, Funky, Latin, Disco and also Folk, playing in various formations throughout Italy. In 1990 he founded, with Maurizio Antonini, the group "AGENA" with which he participated, with original songs, in various reviews and competitions, including Arezzo Wave, gathering consensus and positive criticisms.

In 1995, he played in the S.W.B. Jazz Quartet with Luca De Angelis, Daniele Basirico and Maurizio Antonini. Since 1988 he has carried lessons of music theory and solfeggio, classical and modern harmony studies, Classical and Modern Guitar, music labs; he also takes care of the preparation of exams and admissions to pre-academic and academic courses in the Conservatory. Since 2005 he has been working as teacher at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, for the subjects: Classical and Modern Guitar, Musical Reading, Music Theory & Harmony studies, Solfeggio & Ear training, carrying also music labs & guitar labs.

He is the author of the textbooks: Chitarra (multistiletic), Solfeggio Basic (Preparatory Course), Ear Training 1 & 2 (Professional Course – I and II Pre-Academic Level). In 2006, he collaborated with the Chamber Orchestra Le Metamorfosi Musicali, conducted by M° Piero Caraba.

In 2007 he founded the trio " BaRiBa ", a modern-classical formation formed by Violin, Guitar and Double Bass that re-proposes songs, from the classical-operatic repertoire to Piazzola's tango, not excluding reharmonizations of Latin and American's standards. In 2007, he collaborated with the singer-songwriter Evandro Gabrieli (live and studio) and during the same year he participated in the presentation, held at the Casa del Jazz, of the album "La Quinta Stagione" by Roberto Giglio playing with Stefano Mastruzzi, Alessandro Gwis, Francesco Puglisi and Amedeo Ariano. In 2009, he played in The Seasons Quartet Group, a project of original jazz & funky rock songs, with Carlo Tondinelli, Fabrizio Nesta and Maurizio Antonini.

Since 2011 he has been playing for Greenwall in a project that involves the group into re-edition of the classic "The Dark Side of the Moon" in a completely new edition, with new arrangements and choreography. He also participated in the realization of their latest recording work and took part in the Musiche Festival 2013 competition at the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

In 2013 he played in the Musical Priscilla at the Brancaccio Theatre in Rome (an M.A.S. Music Arts & Show production) written by Stephan Elliot and Allan Scott with choreographies by Ross Coleman and Andrew Hallsworth, directed by Simon Phillips. In 2013, he recorded the guitar section, in music composed by Roberto Giglio for "Romeo and Juliet" in the theatrical version performed at the Globe Theatre in Rome, directed by Gigi Proietti.

In 2014 he played in "Un Ponte di Note (A bridge made of Notes)" (Rome – Habana) an event that was born to unite different cultures and nationalities, such as Roman and Cuban culture, with the artistic direction curated by Shama Milan and Roberto Giglio. Nello stesso anno collabora con la Band “Creuza de Ma” tributo a Fabrizio De Andre’, e collabora in Duo con la Flautista Catia Di Giovanni (Flauto e Chitarra). Dal 2015 collabora con Nuno Fonse’ (Live e Studio) cantautore del Nicaragua, con il quale partecipa al “Spaans Leren 2015” in un concerto tenutosi nella città di Utrecht (Olanda), e a due Edizioni di Musei in Musica (Roma) suonando con Ermanno Dodaro, Alessandro D’Alessandro, Gianpaolo Scatozza e Arturo Valiante.

In 2015 he founded with Valentina Shanti Gatti the Duo "Two Eyes" (Pop, Funky, Dance, Soul) and during the same year, he founded, with Erika Skorza, the Duo "Bluzin.." (Blues). Also in 2015 he participated, wrote and made two educational Videos for the Saint Louis Teaching Column on the "Mensile Chitarre (Monthly Guitars)". Nel 2017 collabora con Giulia Tripoti (Etnico/Popolare) e Valentina Rossi (Jazz and Soul). Nello stesso anno grazie alla collaborazione con VALMUSIC diventa Endorser per le Richwood Acoustic Guitar, con le quali partecipa e due Edizioni di Musika (Roma Music Expo) suonando con Erika Skorza e Giacomo Anselmi.

Nel 2018 collabora con i chitarristi Valerio Natoli (Samba e Bossa Nova) e Carlo Tondinelli (Jazz) per l’evento Tre chitarre “In Concerto”. Dal 2019 collabora con Federico Salvatore, suonando con Luigi Zaccheo, Menotti Minervini e Daniele Iacono.