Daniele Pomo


Daniele Pomo

Inizia gli studi ad 11 anni presso le più importanti strutture didattiche del Lazio. A 19 anni inizia ad insegnare drums e solfeggio, sia privatamente che presso alcune scuole di musica di Roma e del Lazio.
Since 2000 he has been teaching at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where he holds coordination of the Department of Drums at Popular Music.

Ha collaborato con numerosi artisti pop-rock come: Steve Hackett ed Anthony Phillips (Genesis), David Jackson (Van Der Graff Generator) Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), Steven Rothery e Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Dionne Warvick, ,Ron, Patty Pravo, MariellaNava, Tosca, Mietta, Paolo Vallesi, Franco Fasano, Corona, Silvia Salemi, Rovescio Della Medaglia.

He is leader of the RanestRane group, one of the most recognized band in the contemporary Italian Progressive scenario. With this project he has recorded five studio albums and a live CD-DVD and always with RanestRane he carries out an intense concert activity (Japan, Denmark, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England).
In 2013, together with guitarist Enzo Vita, as Artistic Director, he reformed the historical group "Il Rovescio della Medaglia" with which he performed the piece "Contamination of the well-tempered Harpsichord by J. S. Bach"
(written and arranged in 1973 by M° Luis Enriquez Bacalov together with the group itself) in a series of concerts in Italy and abroad participating, among other things, in the important annual festival "The Italian Music Progressive" in Tokyo (Japan) at the Auditorium Clubcittà in Kawasaky (April 2013).

In 2004, he participated as a musician in the musical "I Tre Moschettieri (The Three Musketeers)" by Attilio Corsini with Riccardo Scamarcio, staged at the Globe Theatre in Rome. In 2003, he played and composed music for the theatrical performances "Il mondo è una palla" with Valerio Mastandrea, Piera Degli Esposti and Simona Marchini, and in "Non baciarmi solo perché sono triste" and "Carte di Bordo" by Francesco Bonelli.

He collaborated as a musician and composer with the Ippolito Nievo Foundation for the creation of literary parks throughout Italy and created for the same foundation the show on Pirandello's "La visione del Pensiero".

He carried out composition activities for the fiction section of Titanus and has collaborated in the creation of numerous Rai and Mediaset acronyms with Maestro Pintucci, such as that of "Beato tra le donne (Blessed among women)", "Saluti e baci (Greetings and kisses)", "Red Roses (Rose rosse)"; he also participated in the soundtrack of the film "Vita Da Paparazzo" by Pierfrancesco Pingitore (Mediaset). He is also co-author of RanestRane's rock operas "Nosferatu The Vampire (Nosferatu Il Vampiro)", "Shining", "A Space Odyssey Part I Monolith" and "Part II H.A.L.".

Daniele Pomo is testimonial, for Italy and abroad, of the following brands: Sonor drums and percussion (Germany); Meinl (Germany) plates and percussions; Vater wands and swings (USA); Evans drum skins(USA).