Dario Deidda


Dario Deidda

Musician, arranger, composer, double bass player and bass player from Salerno, Italy. He is considered one of the best Italian bassists in the world. He wins, in fact, for eight consecutive times, the award for best Italian bassist at the Jazzit Award.

Coming from a family of musicians, Dario Deidda began studying music as a child. At the age of six he studied piano alongside his father and brothers. He then dedicated himself to drums and then finally landed on the bass guitar. At the age of thirteen he enrolled at the Conservatory of Salerno attending the classical double bass class.

Drawn mainly by modern composers, he became interested in jazz music without being averse to other musical genres. In fact, in '99 he played in the band of Pino Daniele and later with Fiorella Mannoia. He currently performs in the Kurt Rosenwinkel Standars Trio and Quintet, along with guitarist Mark Turner and drummer Marcus Gilmore.

After graduating in classical double bass, he recorded with the Sonora Art Quartet and then with the Deidda Brothers. then followed by the recordings with the Salerno Liberty Cirty Band and Trycicle . "Cuban Stories" with his brother Alfonso and percussionist Ernesttico Rodriguez cannot be missed. Other bands in which he plays are Gegè Telesforo's "Pure Funk Live" and tours in Italy with Carl Anderson.

Also remembered are the participations in television bands in different programs, such as: "Il caso Sanremo", "D.O.C.", "M. Costanzo Show" with Tullio De Piscopo, "Comici", "Saranno Promossi", "L'ottavo nano" and "Roxy Bar".

He has collaborated with several artists of national and international renown, both in jazz and pop, also rock. Such as: Marcus Miller, Ben Sidran, Vinnie Colaiuta. And also: Michel Petrucciani, Benny Golson, Randy Brecker and many others.

Likewise, Pino Daniele, Massimo Urbani, Enrico Pieranunzi, Danilo Rea. Tullio De Piscopo, Giovanni Amano, Marco Siniscalco and Luca Pirozzi. Mazzariello, Julian Oliver, Stefano Di Battista. He has collaborated with Marina Rei, Elisa, Max Gazzè, Alex Britti, Niccolò Fabi, Carmen Consoli and many others.