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Eddy Palermo | Music school in Rome

Eddy Palermo


Eddy Palermo
Eddy Palermo guitarist of international fame with a jazz background, his style is rooted in the classics of jazz guitar but with a completely personal evolution.
Although he has always carried out an activity as leader of a Trio or Quartet, there is no shortage of important collaborations with jazz legends such as Chet Baker, George Coleman, Billy Smith, David Samborn, George Garzone , Tony Scot, Jim Hall, Bucky Pizzarelli, Joe Pass. From the latter he drew great inspiration for the "guitar solo".

He has also collaborated with great Italian names such as Bruno Martino, Rosario Giuliani, Stefano Di Battista, Niky Nicolai, Nunzio Rotondo, Roberto Gatto, Romano Mussolini, Massimo Urbani and others.

Lover of bossa nova, in 1998 he moved a few years to Brazil where in addition to developing his own style, which is a fusion of jazz culture and Brazilian rhythms, he collaborated with some greats musician: Mauricio Einhorn (Batida Diferente), José Roberto Bertrami (Azimut), Roberto Menescal (O barquinho), Pery Ribeiro and Toninho Horta with whom he recorded an album "Brincando" followed by some concerts in Brazil and Italy; and, also in Italy, collaborated with great Brazilian artists including Rosalia De Souza.

He has participated in various international festivals such as Umbria Jazz (Perugia), Celimontana Jazz (Rome), Eddy Lang Jazz Festival (Isernia) and others in Italy and abroad such as Istanbul (1982) and Huston (2002).

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