Federico Malaman


Federico Malaman

Federico Malaman is one of the greatest Italian talents of basso elettrico currently in circulation. In addition to being an extraordinary bass player with a very advanced technique, he is also a sought after double bass player and arranger.

He has collaborated with artists such as Paolo Belli, Elio and the tense stories, Mario Biondi and many others.
A creative and tireless musician, Federico continues to be divided between recording studios, Jazz Festivals, TV shows and international music festivals.

Absolutely remarkable is his popularity on the Web: thanks to his astonishing virtuosity, combined with an innate sympathy and communication skills, he has become a real star, establishing himself as a prominent teacher and musician among the most followed. Some events: Studiamo musica partendo dal basso (We study music from the "bottom up" (meaning the bass)) and Resonance.