Gianfranco Gullotto


Gianfranco Gullotto

Gianfranco Gullotto. “Ci sono persone, nella vita, che non hai visto per moltissimo tempo, in relazione al tempo che passa e scorre veloce, ma sai che ci sono sempre e che è sempre un piacere reciproco sentirsi.
Una di queste persone per me è Gianfranco Gullotto, dire storico insegnante di Bass è riduttivo, anche se assolutamente vero, visto quanti bassisti di grande livello sono “passati” per le sue lezioni.
What struck me from the first moment of this good giant is the sincere availability and passion that shines through not only his words, but also from his movements and actions.
An authentic and passionate musician with whom I share one of the characteristics that I most appreciate in mankind: enthusiasm!

He's been one of my historic Endorsers (Markbass, of course) ever since few believed that those amps could become something good in the world, he always had a word of encouragement because he believed in what I did and the way I did it but mostly because he shared it and made me feel it!
"Marco, the amp you sent me is terrific, the boys are impressed"
These are his phone calls. How can you not love someone who is sincere and believes in what he does?
In sum, a special person, a serious musician, who knows the history of the bass, who lived it: just read his interviews, since the bass was the last wheel of the wagon and since Jaco changed his life as for many others.
His role as a teacher is carried out with passion and respect for the children.
But this respect is not built out, it is intrinsic in his person and in everything he does.
I conclude by saying that he is a great one in every sense and I am honored to have him as an Endorser, from unsospected times, times when one could not think of an interest for ulterior motives, since we also shared the growth of my brand, but above all a friend for me and for all those who were lucky enough to meet him in their lives.
I'm sorry, but that's exactly what I think!"


"After endless chats, we decided to contact an educator from Rome, Gianfranco Gullotto, author of a book entitled "The Manual of electric bass". One day we left for the capital to get to know him. We had a somewhat crazy project in mind: try to convince him to come to Ascoli once a week to teach us music... We expected a "no" as an answer, instead he liked the idea and started commuting between Ascoli and Rome. As well as a great teacher, he proved to be a beautiful person as well. To Gullotto, I really owe a lot... considering how much time he wasted correcting all my mistakes."

Tratto dal libro TESTA DI BASSO di SATURNINO

"With his forty years of teaching experience, Gianfranco is the historical bass teacher. He was the master of a long line of professionals. He is also the author of "Il manuale del basso elettrico", the first book written in Italian, the Bible of almost all Italian bass players."

Taken from the book ALZA IL BASSO! by MARCO CAUDAI