Javier Girotto


Javier Girotto

At 19 he won a scholarship from Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in Professional Music “Cum Magna Laude”. The four years in the United States are fruitful, a period in which she has deepened her studies of composition and arrangement and of sax and improvisation with masters of the caliber of Joseph Viola, George Garzone, Hall Crook and Jerry Bergonzi, then learning "the trade", playing with Danilo Perez, George Garzone, Hall Crook, Bob Moses, Herb Pomeroy and many other musicians from whom he garnered a spark of their experience.

Javier Girotto's Italian adventure begins at the age of 25, deciding in a short time to start his professional career in this country. His collaboration ranged from commercial music to Latin groups and also with the formation of several jazz groups, with which he began his tireless activity as composer and arranger. His first Roman (italian) formation was "Tercer Mundo" ("Third World"), together with Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, on the tracks of Latin jazz, followed by "Six Sax", a quartet of saxophones, with bass and drums, composed by Rosario Giuliani and Tony Germani on alto sax, Gianni Savelli on tenor, Javier on baritone, Marco Siniscalco on bass and Pietro Iodice on drums, with whom he recorded his first CD "Homenaje" in 1995 with special guest Bob Mintzer and Randy Brecker.

In this same period the group for which Girotto's soprano and baritone saxophone are best known was born, Aires Tango, with Alessandro Gwis on piano, Marco Siniscalco on bass and Michele Rabbia on drums and percussion, in a combination of the reasons of tango with those of jazz which, starting from the pleasure linked to listening to the stylistic features of Argentine music, reassures the listener in the 'face the "rapids" of the "diversity" of its suns. With Aires Tango he recorded 10 discs and in 2009 they celebrate 15 years of life with their disc "10/15" (precisely to indicate 10th disc and 15 years of life of the group) gems of a path in which Girotto has always been accompanied from the unconditional applause of the public, who encouraged him to "open" the project to the voice of Peppe Servillo and to the symphony orchestra. In 1999 another group was born, "Cordoba Reunion", made up of four Cordobese musicians, Javier Girotto on sax and flutes, Gerardo Di Giusto on piano, Minino Garay on percussion and Carlos El Tero Buschini on bass, engaged in a project with which returns to the roots of his music, with an eye to those times that preceded the tango, dragging the listener on an empathic and emotional journey in search of the rhythms of Argentine folklore such as milonga, chacarera, zamba and candombe, a group that he recorded a first album with the singer Mercedes Sosa.

He has played and still plays in the most important Italian jazz festivals, theaters, reviews and clubs, Zotrio will open the concert by Javier Girotto and Mangalavite, Eliseo Theater "The friend of Cordoba", SAINT LOUIS, ON THE STAGE WITH MUSIC PROFESSIONALS.

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