Marta Capponi


Marta Capponi

Marta Capponi inizia la sua strada nel mondo della musica a soli 12 anni avendo già chiaro che di questo avrebbe fatto la sua professione e la sua ragione di vita. Nel 1999 entra al Saint Louis College of Music dove studia con moltissimi degli insegnanti che ancora oggi vi insegnano ed altri illuminanti come Maria Pia De Vito, Cinzia Spata, Mark Murphy, Carl Anderson, Norma Winston, Paolo Fresu, Salvatore Bonafede, Roberta Gambarini, Raffaella Misiti, Giovanni Mazzarino, Rachel Black e altri. Questa esperienza le permette di approcciare allo studio del canto Jazz che diventa per Marta una fonte di ispirazione inesauribile e la sua cifra stilistica.

In 2012, after numerous experiences in Jazz Festivals and important clubs, alongside important musicians such as Massimo Faraò, Bobby Dhuram, Giovanni Mazzarino, Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, she moved to London to open a new artistic, creative parenthesis, and get involved in a new place. Of course, artistic recognition and important collaborations came right away and within a couple of years, she got the chance to perform alongside important names on the English music scene such as Cleveland Watkiss, Antonio Forcione, Gilad Atzmon, Ross Stanley, Femi Temowo, Samuel Crowe, Andrew McCormack, Marcelo Andrade, Luca Boscagin, Adriano Adewale, Dario Di Lecce, Rob Luft, Matteo Saggese and many others, performing at london's most important jazz clubs such as Ronnie Scott's , Pizza Express Dean Street, the Vortex and the 606Club, enjoying success from both the public and the English critics, but above all, managing to impose herself on the scene for its uniqueness and communication and expressive skills.

Marta holds a deep musical and technical knowledge that allows her to move comfortably between different genres such as traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, her original compositions straddling jazz, folk and pop, passing through the wonderful universe of Brazilian music and embracing also the improvised music.

Improvisation is an essential and indispensable element for the vocalist. This is how, in 2018, she began, alongside her husband and important drummer of the Italian and then English scene, Emiliano Caroselli, a new project of improvised music in duo, voice and drums, which is called NuCleUs and which soon enough saw the light of day with a new record. In the meantime, the first jazz standard album by Marta Capponi called "Life Within" was released, which was recorded in May 2019 when Marta was in the eighth month of pregnancy of her son Leonardo to whom the album is obviously dedicated.

Her twenty years of experience in teaching allows her to put herself at the service of the student and its needs, to work together on the personal artistic growth and reach the creative potential, with a fluid path, lightness of the heart, seriousness and serenity, going deep into the studio in order to put down roots and become free beings.