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Stefano Mastruzzi from 1990 to today
Musician and Composer
Graduated in classical guitar and composition, he works as musician and arranger with Roberto Giglio, Enrico Pieranunzi, Silvia Salemi, Enzo Pietropaoli, Saturnino, Patty Pravo, Franco Micalizzi, Gianni Oddi, Massimo Nunzi, Cristiano Micalizzi, Amedeo Tommasi, Giovanni Imparato, Giuseppe Turtledove.

from 1998 to today
Director and cultural entrepreneur for Saint Louis College of Music

Since 1998 he has taken over the management and entrepreneurial ownership of Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, in 2020 he accomplished the 23rd academic year under his direction.

Under his direction, the msuic school has enormously increased its activity, bringing the number of students from 90 enrolled students in 1998 to over 1,600 current students each year, from all over the world.

As a cultural entrepreneur, he has opened and keeps managing four offices in the center of Rome (the second since 2002, the third since 2006, the fourth since 2015).

Thanks to Stefano Mastruzzi, since 2012 it has become the first private institution in Italy authorized by the Ministry of Education and University for the issue of I and II level academic diplomas of Higher Musical Artistic Education, the highest degree. To date, all the Institutions of Higher Musical Artistic Education authorized in Italy are all state-owned or participated in and / or financed by the Region, Provinces, Municipalities. The Saint Louis, on the other hand, does not receive structural funding for its business, but lives virtuously on what it actually produces.

Under his eye, Saint Louis has created 120 permanent jobs among administrative workers and music professionals, a sector of activity that notoriously lives in precariousness.

Stefano Mastruzzi in 2012 received the 2012 Iseo Award, for the didactic work carried out with the Saint Louis for the enhancement of young musicians through the European Jazz Contest and the organization of high profile concert events.

In 2015 in Milano Finanza Magazine: "... Saint Louis represents a healthy and competitive cultural enterprise activity on the international stage without affecting public resources by one euro, a model of cultural entrepreneurship with all-Italian know-how".

From 2017 to 2018, he co-financed with the University of Tuscia (Department of Historical sciences and cultural heritage) a PhD on compositional solutions and emotional responses: study and technical deepening of the correlations between compositional solutions and emotional responses of the listener, from 1900 to today, on the subject of music applied to the image.

In 2018 with a co-funding by CIRDER (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca e Diffusione delle Energie Rinnovabili (Interdepartmental Center for Research and Dissemination of Renewable Energy))research grant on new technologies in the field of Music applied to images

from 2000 to today

Director and producer of Saint Louis Management

In 2000, he founded Saint Louis Management, management and booking agency for jazz music, and has carried concerts all-around the world: Umbria jazz, Torino Jazz Festival, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival,Vicenza New Conversation, North Sea Jazz Festival, Le Mans Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Jazz a Liegi, Gexto Jazz Festival, Blue Note Jazz Festival, Jazz at Lincoln Center , Jazz a Vienne, Jazz Baltica, JVC Jazz Festival, Town Hall, Basel Jazz Festival, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, London Jazz Festival, Marciac Jazz Festival, Rotterdam Jazz Festival, Oeiras Jazz Festival, Ankara Jazz Festival ì, Audi Jazz Festival, Porto Rico Jazz Festival, Kanazawa Jazz Festival, Vilnius Jazz Festival. Representing, in time, some of the most reknown Italian and international jazz players such as Roberto Gatto, Rosario Giuliani, Gino Paoli “Un incontro in jazz”, Danilo Rea, Enrico Pieranunzi, Luis Bacalov, Paolo Damiani.

The agency also carries out a fundamental support action for the integration of the best students in the world of work: every year, new groups of young talents are selected and promoted by organizing an average of 250 concerts per year on the national territory.

From 2001 to today
Artistic Director and Executive Producer of High Education Seminars, Competitions, Festivals and Music Reviews for the promotion of young Italian musical talents.

Roma Jazz’ Cool (2005-2011) – High Jazz Specialization Seminars with artists from all over the world with over 450 participants. In between the International star seminarians were present: John Patitucci, Kenny Werner, Marc Johnson, Enrico Pieranunzi, Jeff Ballard, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, Dave Liebman, Marcus Miller, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, John Taylor, Enrico Rava, Giovanni Tommaso, Salvatore Bonafede, Mauzio Giammarco, Rosario Giuliani, Paolo Damiani, Sylvain Luc, Bob Stoloff, Roberto gatto, Marvin Stamm, Dedè Ceccarelli, Gene Jackson, Paolo Damiani, Adam Rogers, Joey Calderazzo , Jaff “Tain” Watts, Scott Colley, Norma Winstone, Larry Grenadier, Phil Markowitz, Peter Bernstein, Nancy King, Mark Turner, Chjris Potter, Ben Allison, Scott Colley, Jonathan Kreisberg, Roberta Gambarini, Aaron Goldberg, Clarence Penn, Danilo Perez, Goncalo Marquez, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Joe La Barbera, Charis Ioannou, Simon Purcell, Lage Lund, Umberto Fiorentino, Anita Wardell 7 edition (from 2005 to 2009)

Jammin' – a review of young talents that has brought over 400 young artists to the stage and launched dozens of emerging artists on the work market in the last 17 years, Auditorium Parco della musica Roma– 17 editions (from 2003 to today)

Special Guest – Festival of young talents and established artists, for the inclusion of the best talents in the world of work. Teatro Eliseo Roma, has produced concerts with the high caliber artist such as Kurt Elling, Peppe Vessicchio, Vince Mendoza, Paolo Fresu, Antonella Ruggiero (Matia Bazar) Peppe Servillo, Javier Girotto, Diodato, Tullio De Piscopo
3 editions (from 2017 to 2019)

Odio l'Estate (I Hate the Summer) – Summer Music Festival, 45 concerts at the Parco di Villa Carpegna in Rome with artists such as Gino Paoli, Simone Cristicchi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Joe La Barbera, Rosario Giuliani, Flavio Boltro, Roberto Ciotti, Paolo Damiani, Eugenio Bennato, Chichiro Yamanaka, Sheila Jordan, Francesco Bearzatti, –
2 editions (2010/2011)

European Jazz Contest (2005-2013) – European Competition for Contemporary Jazz involving 12 European Conservatives, Maastricht (Netherlands), Antwerp (Netherlands), Gent (Belgium), Leipzig (Germany), about 520 applications for participation, 40 finalists in 8 editions

Italian Jazz on the road (2015-2017) – Italian Jazz exported to Europe, at Trinity-Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance– London, United Kingdom Metropolia– Helsinki, Finland Conservatorium Maastricht– Maastricht, The Netherlands Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus/Aalborg–Aalborg, Denmark Conservatory Liceu – Barcelona, Spain

Minus one (2019) - Italian Jazz Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia
Italian Jazz C.R.E.A. (Composition Research - Europe and America) An innovative project entirely dedicated to research and innovation in the field of compositional jazz, in order to distribute an original and experimental Italian jazz music project all over the world. In between the International partners of the project, some of the most important Italian, European and American musical institutions are: Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Navarra - Pamplona, ​​Spain; University of North Texas, USA; Umbria Jazz Festival; Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome; Teatro Eliseo in Rome.
Special Guest: Paolo Fresu, Javier Girotto, Richard De Rosa, Orchestra of the Navarre Conservatory, Orchestra of the University of North Texas.

From 2017 to today
Artistic director and producer of the ArtUro Sounds records label (electronic, indie)
12 audio video productions with young emerging artists

From 2007 to today
Artistic director and producer of the Urban49 records label (rock, pop)

6 CDs produced and distributed on all digital platforms with young emerging artists and great professionals of contemporary rock music, of which he oversaw the entire artistic production.

From 2004 to today
Artistic director and producer of the Jazz Collection (jazz) records label
19 CDs, produced and distributed on all digital platforms with young emerging artists and great professionals of contemporary Jazz music, of which he oversaw the entire production -

Among the great artists that took part of the series, can be found: Giovanni Tommaso, Enzo Pietropaoli, Stochelo Rosenberg, Enrico Pieranunzi, Franco Micalizzi, Saturnino.

From 2004 to today
Editor of "Music IN" Magazine

From 2004 to today
Periodical of information, news and musical culture directed by Romina Ciuffa and created by a young editorial staff of journalists trained within Saint Louis College of Music. Interviews, reviews and news from the national and international art scene.

From 2004 to today
Publisher of the Saint Louis DOC Educational Series

The didactic series created by Saint Louis, in collaboration with its professional teachers, is the result of years of research, practice, teaching and constant updates. Inside the Saint Louis doc texts, conceived and adopted for professional diploma courses, you can breathe the air of a very lively and excellent music school, with its own musical teaching, stories, teachers, students, countless groups and bands, jazz, rock, blues and a sincere passion without compromise lived daily since 1976. 18 Published texts

From 1990 to today
Teacher of High Musical Artistic Education
Since 1998 he has been teaching guitar, jazz harmony studies and composition at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome


<img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="▪" src=""> ITALIAN JAZZ REAL BOOK, Carisch Ed., 2005 - AUTHOR: Stefano Mastruzzi the first collection of Italian Jazz scores from the 1950s to the present day, distributed in Europe by Carisch
<img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="▪" src=""> JAZZ MOMENT, by Adriano Mazzoletti, Stefano Mastruzzi Editore, 2006 photographic collection on international personalities who have made the history of Saint Louis
<img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="▪" src=""> ITALY OF JAZZ by Adriano Mazzoletti, Stefano Mastruzzi Editore, 2011 photographic and documentary history of Italian jazz
<img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="▪" src=""> In 2012 he created, together with the essayist Adriano Mazzoletti, the National Jazz Archive (digital archive)


2003- Diploma of Composition at the Conservatory "A. Box", L'Aquila
1995- Diploma in Classical Guitar at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory, Rome
1999- Degree in Law, University of “La Sapienza”, Rome
1990 High School Diploma in Classical Institute “M. Massimo ”, Rome