July, 2021

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Concerto for orchestra

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Concerto for orchestra. Music for films, original compositions and soundtracks

Sunday 18th July 2021
h 21:00
Palma Arena, Via della Rocca 2-3
Trevignano Romano

Fragments, sounds and images from the Saint Louis Factory in Rome. Sound and visual suggestions, performed by the Orchestra directed by Gianluca Podio, Adriano Melchiorre , Mario Gagliani and the young composers of Saint Louis.
An encounter with the most interesting works, the result of a year of research in a free context of artistic creation, emotional development and cultural growth. The performance will lead the spectators by the hand through an intriguing wide-ranging musical journey, a meeting point between languages, styles, solutions and experiments.
Each composition, a different personal conception of the music-image-emotion relationship, told by the young composers of the Saint Louis and by an extraordinary orchestra.

Original compositions and soundtracks by the students of the Saint Louis Film Composition and Music course

Alessandro Mancini – Aether
Stefano Allegretti - That sea of ​​Phrygia, petrol green
Roberto D'Agostino - Family dialogue
Francesco Frisoni - The surprise
Riccardo Siragusa – Growing up
Jacopo Proietti - Pucundrìa
Lorenzo Sidoti - Prima Vera
Nicolò Tetti - Ice
Felix Daniele Babon Valdez – At The Edge Of The Universe
Guido Tongiorgi – Abyss Dance


The violin - Matteo Cristofori
The violin - Mario Gentili
Viola - Andrea Domini
Cello -Taowey Wang
Double bass - Igor Barbaro

Flute / Piccolo - Alessandra Finocchioli
Oboe / English horn - Flavio Troiani
Clarinet - Alice Cortegiani
Bassoon - Noemi Lanzi
Horn - Vincenzo Parente
Piano - Giorgio Balestra

Ticket: € 5
Reservations are not required, but places are limited at the Arena Palma, so we recommend that you book on 👉 prenotaunposto.it/cinemapalma
Info: +39 06 9999796


(Sunday) 21:00 - 23:59