September, 2021

20Sept21:00 (9 p.m.)23:59THE LEGEND OF THE JAZZ PIANIST@ Jammin', Casa del Jazz


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On 20 September, for Jammin '2021, on the stage of the Casa del Jazz, an evening dedicated to Maestro Amedeo Tommasi, jazz pianist who played with Chet Baker, composer of soundtracks for the films of Pupi Avati and collaborator of Ennio Morricone for "The legend of the pianist on the ocean".

September 20, 9:00 pm @ Casa del Jazz

Presentation of the latest masterpiece by Amedeo Tommasi

Orchestrated and directed by Stefano Mastruzzi,


B.I.M. Orchestra

At the piano:
Alessandro Lanzoni
Sade Mangiaracina
Vittorio Solimene

Silvia Olivier

Margherita Flore

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Concert by presentation of the latest recording masterpiece of the M ° Amedeo Tommasi, published posthumously, directed and orchestrated by Maestro Stefano Mastruzzi who entrusted the piano part to extraordinary young talents who ideally collect the musical heritage of the deceased Maestro: Alessandro Lanzoni, Vittorio Solimene, Sade Mangiaracina, Silvia Olivier, Margherita Flore.

The orchestra is the same that accompanied M ° Tommasi in the recording, the B.I.M. orchestra by Giuseppe Tortora, as well as the young, award-winning Jazz double bass player Federica Michisanti, winner of the Top Jazz 2018.

Amedeo Tommasi, passed away on April 13, 2021, at the age of 85, jazz pianist who played with Chet Baker both live and on "Chet is Back", refined composer of soundtracks for the films of Pupi Avati, author of pieces of the soundtrack of "The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean", Composed together with Ennio Morricone.

Amedeo Tommasi was a milestone as a teacher of the Saint Louis, which he attended since the early 70s, when it was a jazz club, and then became a Maestro loved and appreciated by the many students who over the generations have been lucky enough to study, improve and play with him.

Lhe precious friendship and close collaboration with Amedeo spans about 20 years, unraveling between the frequent mutual attendance at Saint Louis, our impromptu escapes from reality in the trattorias of the Rione Monti, the fleeting listening to music just composed by him or me.

Precisely in one of these meetings, in 2012, on a rickety keyboard, he made me listen to "Camilla", a dreamy composition of his written for the birth of my first daughter, a lullaby that tells of unpredictable futures, inexhaustible potential, of a new free and boundless life; a privilege that I have partly tried to reciprocate with this extraordinary production.

A recording adventure that came to life in 2018, when I conceived for him a completely original production process, without constraints, without scores that limited his expressive freedom, timeless or better, with his instinctive inner time acting as a metronome, his pulsating arrhythmias and his spontaneous emotions.

Amedeo recorded twenty-two piano solo pieces in the studios of Saint Louis, without reading a single note, an impetuous flow of metric and harmonic modulations, of audacious re-harmonizations, sometimes even of uncertainties, so inspired as to be transformed into certainties.

Months I spent grasping and internalizing his music in order to create an orchestration that would enhance its subtlest nuances, a dialoguing counterpoint, sometimes in contrast, more often an ideal evolution of just hinted at musical thoughts.

Conducting the orchestra in this unusual recording meant chasing and indulging its seductive rubato, its mysterious pauses, sudden accelerating”.

Young talented musicians at the piano: Alessandro Lanzoni, Vittorio Solimene, Sade Mangiaracina, Silvia Olivier, Margherita Flore

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Casa del Jazz
Via Di Porta Ardeatina, 55
Admission € 10: reduced for Saint Louis students at € 5

Concert starts at 9.00 pm


(Monday) 21:00 - 23:59


Casa del Jazz

Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55


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