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On-Stage Stage management

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“On Stage” – Stage management by Daniele Baddaria to learn more about one of the reference figures of the live audio department: the stage manager or stage manager.

30-hour workshop (10 meetings of 3 hours, on Saturdays, every two weeks) divided into a I modulo base , an The advanced module (for those who have already attended module I in the 2017/2018 academic year), starting January 19, 2019.

The stage manager has the task of acquiring and satisfying the technical requests of the artists, organizing and managing the movements on stage, coordinating the technicians such as backliners, sound engineers and stage technicians.
The aim of the course is to give students a concrete idea of ​​what happens in front of and behind the scenes, in concerts and in the world of television, in conferences and in the theater, underlining step by step the fundamental aspects of each of the figures. professional support.
The training proposal is therefore presented as a journey through the multiple aspects of technical work, from pre-production to the practical realization of an event.

Module I (basic) Saturday 10: 00-13: 00 (shift A)
The first module analyzes the figure of the Stage Manager applied in the different working environments of the show: live show, theater, congress and television world. We analyze the various departments that gravitate around this figure such as the operators and audio technicians, together with the professional figures with whom he collaborates, determining the tasks and roles of each according to the multiple situations. It also illustrates the relationships with the production and agencies that gravitate around this world, describing in depth the facets of the role of the Stage Manager in the various work areas.

“On Stage” – Stage management program:
- Professional Areas (Live / Theater / Convention / Television)
- Technical Figures (Phonic)
- Technical Operators (Stage technicians)
- Television System (Broadcasting)
- Professional Figures (Stage Manager)
- Communications (Live / Theater / Convention / Television)

Module II (advanced) Saturday h 14: 00-17: 00 (shift A)

The second module concerns the theoretical and practical work of the Stage Manager. The technical riders are meticulously analyzed by analyzing their form and contents, learning to decipher them for the setting up of a show. The analysis will continue through the discovery of the various areas of the stage, the use dedicated to them and the specific terminology that distinguishes them. The last part of the module is dedicated to getting to know the Festivals, from the different existing types and from pre-production, to setting up on the field and stage changes.

“On Stage” – Stage management program:
- Technical Rider
– Backline List / Channel List / Stage Plot
- Internship (Front / Back / Professional Terminology)
- Distribution (Power / Signal)
– Festival

n.b. Only students who have already attended the first module in the academic year can attend the second module. 2017/2018. It is not possible to enroll in both modules in the same academic year.

Participation fees: € 80 for Saint Louis students; € 190 for outdoors

Credits for academic courses: 4 CFA

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Daniele Baddaria Bio

Daniele Baddaria entered the entertainment world in 2005, founded his experience in fifteen years of career on the stages starting from a simple audio technician soon becoming a generic Backliner, and following the technical skills acquired in the field he first took on the role of Assistant Stage Manager and finally that of Stage Manager, and then also devote himself to the role of Floor Manager and Stage Manager. Among the various experiences accumulated in Tours, Theaters and Conventions, he collaborates with the most important TV broadcasters, with Symphonic Orchestras and Big Bands in Italy and abroad, enjoying the privilege of working in the most prestigious Italian festivals.

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