Pino Forastiere Master Class

24JAN06:00 pm9:00 pmPino Forastiere Master ClassThe contemporary acoustic guitar

Pino Forastiere master

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Master Class the guitarist Pine Forastiere, following his personal experience, during the master class he will address aspects relating to mechanical technique in the context of what is now called "contemporary acoustic guitar". We will also discuss the role of the guitarist / composer, trying to draw some indicative lines regarding the composition for acoustic guitar.

Master Class program

1. The guitar intended as a sound source (types of guitars, woods, strings)

2. Orthodox and contemporary guitar techniques: from finger-style to advanced techniques such as tapping, hammers, muting, percussive use. Synchronicity in polymetric and polyrhythmic development.

3. Hints of compositional approach in relation to mechanical techniques with references to forms and structures. The importance of the elements in the composition.

4. The sound of the fingers, or the importance of working on the acoustic quality in the production of sound.

5. Technological development related to the electro-acoustic aspect. Acoustic guitar in the recording studio and on stage.

Credits for academic courses: 1/2 CFA

Participation fees:

free Saint Louis students; external € 20

Pino Forastiere Master Class to participate, you must book by writing to

Pino Forastiere, Bio

Fifteen years of career behind with the acoustic guitar over the shoulder, nine albums as leader (of which five as solo artist) and several CD compilations, hundreds of concerts in the United States, Europe and Canada, dozens of full-page and web-based interviews and many radio and TV specials: Pino Forastiere, composer and guitarist from Basilicata (Roman by adoption) continues his musical journey on the path of technical and compositional innovation on the most popular instrument in the world which, in his hands, becomes a small orchestra.

Curious, restless, experimenter, lover of all great music (from baroque to rock), generous on stage and introverted in the living room, avid consumer of art, the first Italian guitarist to be produced by the US label Candyrat Records (and first to come out) , today Pino Forastiere produces himself and alongside the inseparable Martin D28 of 1957 he places a 16-string “LAB guitar”, a prototype built on his first acoustic guitar by the patient luthier Davide Serracini. Because it must be said, now by the way, that after graduating from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia with a ten-string guitar, when he was still a young classical concert player Pino bought an old acoustic guitar for very little money. Eko Chetro with the broken handle. The classical guitar has not been around for many years, but the Eko is still there, reinvented and full of strings.

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