September, 2021

08Sept21:00 (9 p.m.)23:59Promenade and Quiet Quartet@ Alcazar summer

Promenade and Quiet Quartet

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To inaugurate the first evening of Jammin '2021, Wednesday 8 September, a double concert on the stage of the Janiculum Terrace: protagonists are the Promenade and the Quiet Quartet.

September 8, 9:00 pm @ Alcazar Summer - Terrace of the Gianicolo


Giordana Mori - voice
Giuseppe Scrima - trumpet
Anna Bielli - guitar
Giorgio Belluscio - keyboards
Simone Ndiaye - bass
Tommaso Testa - drums

Promenade is a pop-fusion band from Rome that found its definitive formation in 2021, the year of the recording of their first original music album. The core of the sound starts from the voice of Giordana Mori, of soul and R'n'B matrix, which joins the versatility and influences of the instrumentalists.

Quiet Quartet

Giulia Bartolini - vocals, compositions
Alessio Falcone - piano
Luca Giachi - bass
Simone Brilli - drums

The Quiet Quartet was born in 2018 in Florence from the meeting of Giulia Bartolini, singer and composer, with pianist Alessio Falcone, bassist Luca Giachi and drummer Simone Brilli. The repertoire of the group is composed entirely of original pieces written in Italian, born from the union between modern jazz and songwriting music. Each song is formed with extreme attention to detail, to the nuances of the sound and to the suggestion of the words. Musicians bring their own imprint and individuality in the search for an intimate and collective sound, but also playful and carefree. The songs can also be simple or more complex syllable games; the rhythm is varied, between ballads and fast songs, the imagination always different, full of continuous sound movements.

Promenade and Quiet Quartet - Info Concert - 8 September
Alcazar Summer - Terrace of the Gianicolo
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
Free entry
Concert starts at 9.00 pm


(Wednesday) 21:00 - 23:59


Alcazar Summer - Terrace of the Gianicolo

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi


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