Agosto, 2017

12Aug19:0023:59Social Call special guest Esben Elvstrøm Aalborg

Tommi Rautianen

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Social Call special guest Esben Elvstrøm

Elisabetta Antonini, voce
Guillermo Edoardo Garcia Vargas, guitar
Alessandro Quiz, piano
Andrea Avena, double bass
Special guest: Esben Elvstrøm

Social Call gathers together jazz musicians from different contexts, together for the first time to export a brand new Italian project. Cameristic as well as Mediterranean tunes alternate to compositions characterized by jazz accents both contemporary and traditional, all of them being original compositions, most of them signed by the vocalist Elisabetta Antonini (Top Jazz 2014). In her recordings – such as “Un minute dopo” with the Oregon’s oboist Paul McCandless and with Alessandro Gwis on piano, and “The Beat Goes on”, a tribute to the Beat Generation – Elisabetta conjugates in a creative and refined way her own European compositional sensitivity of literary inspiration with overseas rhythms and atmospheres.


(Sabato) 19:00 - 23:59


Royal Academy of Aalborg


Marzia Bagli | Saint Louis College of