Zoom is the video conference platform that we will use to carry out the online video-conference lessons

For proper operation, the software requires:
– computer
- video camera
- stable web connection (wi-fi not recommended)

In order to allow long-lasting lessons to be held and to be able to manage each Zoom meeting with all possible privileges, it is necessary to access the platform with the right credentials.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the Teachers area
  2. Open the Register of the subject to be performed
  3. Launch the Zoom platform by opening the application or via the link https://zoom.us by clicking on “SIGN IN” (and not on "SIGN UP").
  4. Log in to Zoom through the e-mail address and password indicated in the register. (Attention, these credentials can change between one lesson and another) So you must always check that you are logged in to a correct account before each lesson.
  5. Once you have entered the Zoom Account, click "MEETINGS” (on the left) and the entire list of scheduled subjects will open to you (not just yours, but all the subjects of all teachers)
  6. Search the list for the subject (subjects are sorted by date and time, from closest to furthest). The list of subjects will include SUBJECT NAME - REGISTRY NUMBER - TEACHER NAME. Identifying it is simple. Unfortunately, the system only allows you to indicate the start of lessons in half-hour steps, so a lesson scheduled for example at 9:10 will be scheduled at 9, but you can still respect the ordinary register times
  7. To start the lesson click on START. (Do not click on DELETE under any circumstances, as you will cancel the scheduling work done by the secretariat)

Attention The lessons are already created as "recurring", so you will find the same lesson repeated 2 or 4 times, depending on whether it is fortnightly or weekly.
Always be careful to start the lesson of the current day and not those of the following weeks.

Where can I download Zoom?

You can download the zoom application by connecting to the videoconference link. Quick registration will be required.
It is also possible to download the zoom application via this link

The platform will require the creation of an account

How do I start Zoom?

Zoom will start automatically every time you log into a videoconference link.

However, it is possible to start the application by following these instructions.

Mac: If after installation the link does not appear in the taskbar, search and start the Zoom.us application on the Finder at the top right

Windows: After installation, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. If it does not appear you can start zoom directly through the windows taskbar.

When will the videoconference lessons be held?

The times and duration of the lessons will remain unchanged.

Within the zoom platform, the lessons are already created as "recurring". Therefore you will find the same lesson repeated several times, depending on whether it is fortnightly or weekly.
Always be careful to start the lesson of the current day and not those of the following weeks.

Where can I find the links to connect to videoconferences?

In the MEETINGS section of Zoom. If you can't find it, make sure you are logged into Zoom with the right account. The credentials of the account with which you will need to log in are found in the register

How can I learn more about all the features of the Zoom platform?

For more information you can connect to the page Help Center where you can find detailed instructions on each feature of the platform.

Will all lessons be replaced online?

Most of the lessons can be followed by videoconference; however, some subjects, such as orchestras, workshops, choirs and others, do not lend themselves to being held by videoconference and will therefore be canceled or recovered later. You will be able to recognize these exceptions directly within the Reserved Area where the wording will appear "Cancelled Lesson"

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