Green Pass for Saint Louis students in light of the decree of August 6, 2021, on Italian government imposes on all university students as necessary, in order to be able to attend lessons in person, to be provided with a Green Pass, COVID swab certificate or vaccine exemption certificate.

Lessons of the new academic year will be held almost entirely in person, but alternative online classes will always be available for many subjects.

Therefore, students who are not in possession of a Green Pass or appropriate certification, will be able to regularly attend lessons in the presence by having an updated COVID swab, the students will be also able to follow the online lessons for all the subjects that can be held with this modality; they will be later able to catch up, when the law will allow it, with the practical subjects for which attendance in the classroom is essential.

Green Pass for Saint Louis students as required by the decree, random checks will be carried out by the Direction, in order to ascertain the possession of Green Pass or suitable certificates, by the students who attend in presence.