directed by Serena Brancale

Original project by Serena Brancale that aims to create a fully electronic orchestra. Rhythm played only by keyboard / synth players, programmers and electronic drummers!
An orchestra that is not based on vocal power or on technical and instrumental virtuosity, but on the inventiveness of the musicians in creating innovative sounds out of the ordinary thanks to Loop stations, keyboards, Pads, effects and laptops for rhythmics and the vocoder for the singers.

The Saint Louis will provide for the rehearsals of the orchestra part of the electronic equipment necessary for the realization of the project, but it is necessary that those who apply to ILoVePiZA, from musicians to singers, have their own equipment so that they can work independently also outside, beyond the tests.

Captain will be Serena Brancale who presents her new project:
"Farewell to bass players, guitarists, winds, brass, woodwinds, conductors and whatever; we will be a group of crazy people who will experience what can be experienced, who will create from nothing, who will mix everything, who will learn from each other and who together will design their own identity ".

Organic: 10 voices 2 electronic drums - 2 keyboard players / synths with effects -1 programmer
Audition: The audition will take place with performances by the candidates who will show their skills in the electronic landscape and background, and their approach and use of all the instrumentation that this genre requires (synth / keyboards, laptops, pads, effects, electronic drum, vocoder, etc.)

The tracks to bring to the audition are: Retrograde by James BlakeDanger by Erykah Badu Thinkin 'Bout You by Robert Glasper Experiment.