Brian RienteThe Sound beyond the Strings by Brian Riente, new elective subject. The course will take place on a weekly basis on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:00 starting from March 7 (3 CFA)

Students willing to participate can join through their student area, "electives" section. External students can refer for information to

In addition to technical skills, theory, and knowledge of various stylistic languages, guitarists and other musicians need to explore another fundamentally important field:

The effects.
This course is a historical and methodical tour of how the sound of the electric guitar has evolved, beyond the tonal possibilities the instrument already possesses, through the devices that have made key contributions to the sound of the modern guitar we all know today.
Each lesson in the course will be focused on the student learning about each specific effect, providing him or her with both the theoretical resources, in order to fully understand how each effect works, and historical background on the devices in order to get a complete picture of the topic at hand.
From distortion, early spring reverbs, tremolo, and delay to guitar synthesizers and midi controllers, a guide on how to best use these devices that have shaped the history of guitar sound.