The Saint Louis organizes on request from students, families or middle and high school, special afternoon meetings of orientation for middle and high school children, in small groups of 10 students (also on Saturdays).

During the meetings, lasting from 2 to 4 hours, the students have the opportunity to learn about the functioning of a School of Higher Musical Art Education, the type of studies and career opportunities through a tutor.

They will also have the opportunity to attend some ensemble music classes of various styles (jazz, rock, pop, blues) alongside the students of Saint Louis, Ear Training classes, Rhythm Section groups, one of the Saint Louis Choirs ( Jazz, Pop, Brazilian, Gospel) and much more.

Lo scopo è quello di indirizzare i giovani interessati e affascinati dalla professione artistica musicale questionari studenti , verso una scelta seria e consapevole per il proseguimento degli studi dopo la maturità.

It is important to immediately understand how fundamental it is, to access professional courses, to already have an adequate musical preparation, preparation which must therefore necessarily begin already during middle and high schools, so as to be able to subsequently directly access the academic diploma courses of the Saint Louis. , equivalent to a three-year degree

Per organizzare un incontro di orientamento con la tua scuola o la tua classe o i tuoi amici scrivere a
It is also possible to organize an orientation meeting on request to be held directly at the middle schools and / or high schools concerned, so as to simultaneously inform all students about the possibilities offered by the first and second level academic degrees, equivalent to three-year and specialist degrees.

Per organizzare un incontro di orientamento o COUNSELING nella tua scuola scrivere a