Given the increase in the number of international students and the consequent request for support in finding accommodation, the Saint Louis has expanded its agreements with specialized agencies, adding to the service already offered by StuRent that of UniPlaces, characterized by a database of offers on Rome among the largest in the sector, and by developing an agreement with it that results in discounts on rates reserved for its students. READ MORE

Information on fees and the right to study, all international students, Erasmus or not, European or non-European, are followed ad personam by the staff of the international office in every single phase:

  • information and initial orientation to identify the most suitable course - support during the registration phase, with continuous updating of the website for a total computerization of the procedure, and with constant email contact for the resolution of any problems (e.g. obtaining a visa, filling in the webform, production of suitable qualifications, etc.)
  • Sending specific information material by email, months before the expected arrival, containing all the procedures, possibilities, possible criticalities, obtaining the necessary documents, and presenting the city of Rome and the Institute: International Student's Guide, Accommodations in Rome.
  • International Orientation Day: an entire day dedicated to welcoming international students only (in which they meet the staff of the international office, their Buddy, the assigned teaching teachers and tutors, visit the offices, the neighborhood) organized before the beginning of the lessons of both semesters, concluded with a social dinner and a concert.

Saint Louis does not have its own ESN headquarters, but invites its incoming and outgoing students to join the network, illustrating its benefits and possibilities.

At the request of the individual student (international or not), a psychological counseling service is available to support the student in facing the beginning of the new path and, in the case of the international student, to help him / her to deal with any problems of insertion into the new one. socio-cultural context.


Open Days: days of lectures and concerts in all locations with open doors, meetings with the Didactic Coordinators and individual teachers, guided tour of the locations and information desks divided by area of ​​activity READ MORE

  • Orientation Meetings: information days aimed at illustrating the characteristics and functioning of the individual Courses, to guide the student in the most informed choice, in which the management and the heads of the departments are available to answer any questions from students and parents , and to illustrate admission, study plans, purpose of career paths and career opportunities. READ MORE
  • Secretarial and information services active from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20.


  • Secretarial and information services active from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 20.
  • Repetita Iuvant: starting from January of each academic year, free support courses are made available to students with didactic difficulties and deficiencies.
  • Concert and extra-curricular activities: organized by the Saint Louis internal production center which organizes hundreds of concerts every year, reviews in prestigious locations such as the Rome Auditorium, foreign tours, etc.
  • Personalized tutoring for disabled students or students with special needs


  • Recording and artistic production services of the most talented students, through the 4 SL record labels.
  • Internships: foreign, organized by the Int. Office (Erasmus, Torno Subito); Italians, depending on the request of local companies.