EUROPEAN JAZZ’S COOL 2021 it's a Jazz artistic jazz residence of international significance:
a full immersion into professional and artistic development aimed at the insertion of participants in the national and international recording and live perfromance/concert job market.


The first edition of Jazz’s Cool, which EJScool intends to expand and decline at a European level, dates back to 2005 and was held annually until 2012, held in the Saint Louis offices. The final concerts of the courses of the previous editions were held at prestigious festivals, such as Villa Celimontana and Villa Carpegna and at the Auditorium Parco della Musica and Casa del Jazz, moments of show with a strong response from the public, so much so that over the years the the project was funded by the Municipality of Rome as part of the Roman Summer; the success achieved over the years has made it possible to involve increasingly important teachers worldwide.

The new project EUROPEAN JAZZ'S COOL 2021, collects the best of all the projects carried out so far, building a path of innovation European artistic cohesion realized through music: a universal language able to unite people of all social, religious, ethnic and cultural groups.

The final purpose of the artistic residency is that of create new artistics pieces and spread ideas in an original European jazz style, in continuous growth and development. European Jazz's Cool thus aims to represent a moment of European awareness and collective knowledge, a project that deepens in the research for shared identity and values.

The European Partner Institutes of the Project are: Royal Academy of Aarhus / Aalborg (Denmark), Metropolia Helsinki (Finland), Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Belgium), Royal Conservatoire Den Haag (Netherlands), Music Academy Krakow (Poland), Liszt Academy (Budapest).

Each of the foreign institutions has independently selected its participants. The Italian musicians were selected by Saint Louis with a Call open on national basis.

European Jazz’s Cool is supported by the MiBAC as part of the three-year "Music Contribution".

An extraordinary new experience that promotes a research dedicated to Jazz

Stefano Mastruzzi headmaster of saint louis college of musicWith European Jazz's Cool, a new extraordinary experience dedicated to Jazz kicks off, which ideally flows along the path taken two years ago with the Song writing Camp (an engaging artistic residency for pop music artists).

You will meet the young students participating in European Jazz's Cool in the classrooms of the Saint Louis from October 18th until the end of the month, each ensemble will bring the fruit of the work done during the artistic residency at the Saint Louis to the stage of La Casa del Jazz. For those who will be attending the concert, know that it is important in the measure that will be a mirror to know and get creative ideas.

European Jazz's Cool is a creative residence of contemporary Jazz, involving 14 international jazz players from Helsinki (Finland) Aalborg (Denmark) Krakow (Poland) Den Haag (Netherlands) Antwerp (Belgium) Budapest (Bulgaria), 9 Italian and international jazz players from the Saint Louis' academic courses, 8 jazz players selected by Conservatories from all over Italy and 6 famous Italian jazz players (Cristina Zavalloni, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Paolo Damiani, Rosario Giuliani, Alessandro Gwis) to chart the route, without any predefined destination .

We are therefore talking about a selection of European excellence, aimed at composing new artistic pieces, in the research for sounds and individual and collective artistic paths and at the same time, the foundations of a common artistic feeling will be unconsciously laid, a jazz-way of life of European origin. EJS concentrates, in just two weeks, moments of critical development of European consciousness and knowledge, a research goal, through jazz music, of shared identities and values.

In the same way, in the world of pop music, the Songwriting camp proved to be an extraordinary experience of artistic residence aimed at the conception and production of new songs, a creative process that relies on the contribution of each member of the group, through the use of acoustic and electronic instruments as a means to achieve a goal: to compose and publish a song in a week. Starting from the February 2022 edition (the announcement of participation is imminent) the Songwriting Camp will also become a recurring annual project.

European Jazz's Cool and Song-writing Camp are real creative experiments: time, space, resources and skills offered and shared to young artists for the conception and production of original works, mirror and synthesis of the individual personalities who have worked there, but above it all, a very original way of working on the original production, in which each participant will be able to make its own and cultivate in its artistic life.

But an artistic residence is never trivially the mere sum of the ideas of each individual who participates in it; it is much more, it is autonomous and independent like a book from the single words it contains, a phenomenon of collective synapse.

In an artistic residence the creative phase is at first only apparently latent, suffering, shy; it is a disarming intuition that suddenly ignites a creative fire fueled exponentially by the imaginative breath of each individual, an inventiveness of Diego generates new ideas in Martin, which in turn dazzle and inspire Ginevra, John, Joshua and Matilde: the final result thus comes to life and no longer reveals traces of the individual intuitions that generated it.

The importance of this project makes such an impact that the Municipality of Rome has welcomed an initiative conceived and promoted by Saint Louis and will allocate a large building, in the historic center, right to artistic residences, making it permanently available to the main AFAM Institutions in Rome, the Saint Louis, the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, the National Academy of Dance, academy of Fine Arts, Rufa, Accademia d'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'amico and Centro sperimentale di cinematografia.

Saint Louis focuses a lot on the realization of residencies as a mean to create music and develop an artistic personality, the music school supports and promotes artistic development indistinctly in jazz, pop, electronic music, in order to activate and direct the creativity of the resident artist within every student musician, singer, composer, producer.

Stefano Mastruzzi,
Artistic director of European Jazz's Cool

Promenade and Quiet QuartetThey were formed, as part of European Jazz's Cool, new musical groups, made up of 2-3 young European talents, 2-3 young Italian talents and internationally renowned special guest artists which will guide trainees along a path of composition and production of original music of European and transnational matrix.

A real social and artistic experiment, in which the teacher itself selected the members of the ensemble, with which will be creating a new musical work, produced, recorded and promoted by the record label Alphamusic and by the management agency Saint Louis Management srl, which will take care of the publication and subsequent writing of the musicians and the concert promotion in the most important Italian and foreign jazz festivals.

I six new international ensembles, composed of talented young musicians from 6 different European countries and an established jazz star, represent a selection of European excellence.


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The 6 new ensembles formed as part of European Jazz's Cool will perform on prestigious stages and international festivals. To inaugurate the live performance season, the first 6 concerts, that will take place at La Casa del Jazz between 22nd and 31st of October, are down here:

Events abroad

23Nov17:008:00 pmEuropean Jazz’s cool Tour a Helsinki

29Nov17:008:00 pmEuropean Jazz’s cool tour a Aalborg

01Dec7:00 pm09:30 pmEuropean Jazz’s cool a Krakow Academy of Music

09Dec8:00 pm10:00 pmThe European Tour a Rataplan, AntwerpEuropean Jazz’s cool

10Dec8:00 pm10:00 pmThe European Tour a KoorenhuisEuropean Jazz’s cool

9:00 pmDec7:00 pm10:00 pmThe European Tour Jazz’s coolin Budapest, Hungary

Events in Italy

22Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Paolo Damiani

23Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Ramberto Ciammarughi

24Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Gabriele Mirabassi

29Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Alessandro Gwis

30Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Cristina Zavalloni

31Oct09:00 pm23:00European Jazz Ensemblefeat. Rosario Giuliani


Gabriele Mirabassi


Rosario Giuliani


Cristina Zavalloni,



Paolo Damiani


Ramberto Ciammarughi


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