Erasmus Outgoing Teachers – OUTGOING TEACHERS

Erasmus Outgoing teachers, thanks to the Erasmus + program, the teachers of Saint Louis can carry out mobility periods at a foreign institute, organization or company. On this page you will find all the information relating to mobility for teachers in a European context.

The two possible forms of European mobility available to Saint Louis teachers are:

  • mobility for TEACHING:

mobility with a minimum duration of 2 days (normally from 3 to 5 days of stay + 2 days of travel), intended exclusively for the teaching staff of Saint Louis. It consists in carrying out didactic activities (courses, workshops, seminars) at one of the European Institutes partners of Saint Louis or at any European Institute participating in the Erasmus+ programme. The mobility proposal can be submitted to the receiving Institute through the International Office, or individually by the teacher itself. In the latter case, the teacher may personally contact the Institute in question and, having received an official letter of invitation, submit the possible request for mobility to the International Office which will check and perfect the terms.

  • mobility for TRAINING:

It covers the same duration of the mobility for teaching, is intended for both the teaching staff and the administrative staff of Saint Louis College of Music; it allows the candidate teacher to choose a training path through activities aimed at the transfer of skills, the acquisition of expertise (e.g. intensive professional or language refresher courses) and the learning of good practices by beneficiaries (e.g. job shadowing of the teaching activities carried out by colleagues in Foreign Institutes); it can be carried out at a European Higher Musical Education Institute, holder of the Erasmus+ University Charter, and/or at companies (e.g. at Choirs or Orchestras established as Institutions, or even at other European Institutes outside the Erasmus network) present in one of the Countries participating in the Programme.

All projects submitted to the International Office within the deadlines set annually, will be evaluated by the Didactic Direction and included in a merit ranking. The projects deemed suitable will be proposed to foreign Institutes and the mobility will be granted and implemented until the available funds are exhausted.

For theA.A. 2023/2024 the Calls for the Mobility of Teachers for Didactic and Training Activities are CLOSED


More information about the implementing of the different Erasmus+ mobility programmes for teachers, such as the amounts and methods of disbursement of the Funds to support the mobility themselves, are available within the Calls for Participation.

Taken from the concert "Italian 60's in blues" held in Helsinki, at the Metropolia Institute of Higher Education, in the context of an Erasmus+ mobility of teachers: Andrea Rosatelli (bass) and Daniele Chiantese (drums), together with the student Pietro Venza (guitar) from the specialization course and the local teacher Jarmo Hynninen (guitar)

Speech by the jazz singing teacher Cristina Zavalloni, to the International Platform "Pop and Jazz Platform" of 2020, entitled "Can art be taught?