Studying at Saint Louis with Erasmus + INCOMING

Thanks to the experience gained over years of exchanges, events and international initiatives, the Saint Louis participates in the Erasmus+ program which allows the intensification of exchange programs for students, teachers and staff of the Institute for study, teaching or training projects in other European Higher Education Institutes and for students, teachers and staff of foreign Institutes to carry out their own mobility projects at the Saint Louis.


Applications can be accepted from students regularly enrolled in European Higher Education Music Institutes partner of Saint Louis for the Erasmus+ Program. If your Institute is not yet a Saint Louis partner, contact your International Office to establish a new international collaboration agreement.
Saint Louis is open to the creation of new Erasmus+ partnerships.

The Erasmus+ application in order to study at Saint Louis must be sent online through the portal EASY:

At the time of the Application, in addition to your personal data, you will be asked:

  • Artistic CV
  • web links containing a portfolio of performances/compositions/recording works or similar - total duration: about 15/20 minutes
  • Transcript of Records
  • A recent photo

We accept applications for the entire academic year or for a semester, both the first and the second one.

Our semesters are divided as follows:
1st semester: from the end of September to mid-February
2nd semester: from mid-February to the beginning of July

Deadline for submitting applications:

  • For students who want to study at Saint Louis in the 1st semester or for the entire academic year: May 1st
  • For students who want to study at Saint Louis in the 2nd semester: November 1st
In this section you will find useful information on living in Rome, how and where to find accommodation and on the different support systems that Saint Louis offers to international students.
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