Erasmus Outgoing: mobility for study – OUTGOING STUDENTS

Students of the Academic Courses of Saint Louis can carry out a period of study in an European Institute of Higher Musical Education (Conservatory, Academy, Hochschule...) that takes part of the Erasmus+ Programme. This period of study, which can be from 10 to 12 months (for the entire academic year) or 5 to 6 months (for the first or second semester) or 3 months (if the host institution allows it), it is considered, for all intents and purposes, an integral part of the student's study path and once the student returns to Saint Louis, the exams taken and passed at the host Institute and the related Training Credits will be recognized.

To whom is it addressed?

Students are eligible to participate from the second year of the three-year 1rst cycle of academic courses (by submitting an application during the first year of attendance), up to the last year of the two-year 2nd cycle of academic courses. Every year, Saint Louis publishes a Call for Student Mobility, through which the students are selected as candidates suitable for participation in the Program, drawing up a list of eligibility based on the G.P.A. and the number of exams taken or the general performance of the student. Each student/candidate can carry out up to a maximum of 12 months of mobility abroad for each cycle of studies (three-year 1rst cycle and two-year 2nd cycle).

Mobility can be carried out at Higher Education Institutions that have signed a Bilateral Agreement with the Institute to which the students belong. To consult the list of institutions already partners of Saint Louis go to "Erasmus + EU Partner Institudes".

It's possible to report to the International Office the Institutes that are not yet partners with the home Institution where students intend to carry out the studies during the period of mobility. Saint Louis will endead to refine the new Bilateral Agreements in this regard.

Internal applications for mobility to be carried out during the Academic Year 2021/2022 are CLOSED

The selection of mobility students is divided in three stages:
– Internal pre-selection at Saint Louis: the candidate students must submit an application for participation following the instructions in the relevant Call.
– Candidates deemed suitable by Saint Louis must send, through the International Office, the Application for admission to the program to 3 foreign partner Institutes within the deadlines set by the Institutes in question.
– Assignment of the Erasmus+ Scholarship to candidates accepted by foreign partner institutes, and consequent preparation for departure

Eligible Candidates must complete and submit applications through the On-Line Portal EASY

Each Institute normally requires the following material and information contained in the following documentation:

The student who wins an Erasmus contribution to mobility will have to take a Language test (English test or any other test of the language that the host Institude requires) to be carried out online through the dedicated language platform OLS – ON-LINE LINGUISTIC SUPPORT specifically developed in support of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Following the initial test and the contractualization of the mobility, the student will receive a license to attend a virtual language course.

The International Office is available to respond to any further request for information and to support the compilation of applications and the necessary documentation.

To contact the International Office or request an appointment:

International Office: Via Baccina, 47 , 06/4870017 ext. 3

International Officer: Rossella Gaudenzi – From Monday to Friday, 10:00 am– 4:30 pm, by appointment

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