ECTS – Grading System Erasmus

Saint Louis adopts and applies the ECTS, according to which each credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work, and each academic year corresponds to 60 credits (1,500 hours of work).

The methodology that is applied to establish the workload related to each module has been developed by a team of expert educational coordinators of the Institute. The coordinators took into account the educational objectives of each subject, adding the hours of lessons and study considered necessary to fully reach the level in question.

Grading System Erasmus la ripartizione del valore in ECTS assegnata a ogni singolo modulo formativo è disponibile nella sezione “Corsi” sul presente sito.

The allocation of credits to international students and Erasmus students is dictated by a policy of transparency and impartiality, basing credit recognition on actual learning outcomes and workload.

Each international and Erasmus student will be individually followed by the International Office in the possible transfer of credits obtained from previous study paths, in the preparation of the study plan, in obtaining and completing all the final recognition certifications, also supporting it at every stage of his/her course at Saint Louis and in Rome.

The Italian voting system provides for an expression in thirtieths: the minimum vote is equal to 18 and the maximum vote is equal to 30. Students can obtain honors (grade 30 cum laude) in the event that the quality of their exam is deemed excellent.

Italian Academic Grading System

30 e lode (with honors) - excellent
30 - distinct
from 28 to 30 - very good
from 24 to 27 - good
from 21 to 23 - discreet
from 18 to 21 - sufficient

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