Saint Louis is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education among the AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica, Musicale e Coreutica) Italian Institutes, and is authorized to confer 1st and 2nd cycle Academic diplomas also officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, and having the same value as university degrees of the same level.

The study titles issued by Saint Louis are legally valid and recognizable worldwide.

More information on the Worldwide Recognition of Higher Qualifications can be found on the Website of theENIC-NARIC. The Italian Body officially responsible for the evaluation of both Foreign and Italian Study Titles is the CIMEA

Further information on the value of Higher Level Italian Study Titles is available, in English and Italian, on the Website Quadro dei Titoli Italiani.


Saint Louis adopts and applies the CFA (Crediti Formativi Accademici - Academic Educational Credits), according to which each credit is equivalent to 25 hours of work, and each academic year corresponds to 60 credits (1,500 hours of work).

La metodologia per la validità e valore dei titoli viene applicata per stabilire il carico di lavoro connesso ad ogni modulo, è stata elaborata da un team di esperti coordinatori didattici dell’Istituto. I coordinatori hanno preso in considerazione gli obiettivi didattici di ogni materia, sommando le ore di lezione e quelle di studio ritenute necessarie per raggiungere appieno il livello in questione.

The CFA system is equivalent to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) one, which is used for the international recognition of acquired training credits.

1 CFA = 1 ECTS

The breakdown of the value in CFA/ECTS assigned to each individual training module is available in the "Didactics" section on this site.

The allocation of credits to international students and Erasmus students is dictated by a policy of transparency and impartiality, basing credit recognition on actual learning outcomes and workload.

Each international and Erasmus student will be individually followed by the International Office in the possible transfer of credits obtained from previous study paths, in the preparation of the study plan, in obtaining and completing all the final recognition certifications, also supporting it at every stage of his/her course at Saint Louis and in Rome.

The Italian grading system provides for an expression in thirtieths: the minimum mark is 18 and the maximum mark is 30. Students can get "praise" (grade 30 and honors) in case the quality of their exam is considered excellent.

Italian Academic Grading System

30 e lode (with honors) - excellent
30 - distinct
from 28 to 30 - very good
from 24 to 27 - good
from 21 to 23 - discreet
from 18 to 21 - sufficient

In order to facilitate the conversion of the votes obtained in the various systems in force in the various countries, Saint Louis has prepared Grading tables of its own academic courses, which show the incidence and recurrence of the various grades and the relative percentage distribution.

Since 2017, Saint Louis has joined the Egracons for automatic grade conversion.


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