The international profile of Saint Louis grows and matures from year to year, thanks to the involvement as Leader and as a Participant in ambitious special Cooperation Projects of wide scope.

From consortia for European and extra-European mobility, to networking projects on global music and platforms on power relations in the field of higher musical education.

Below, a selection of the wide-ranging International Special Projects in which Saint Louis is currently involved:

Working With Music

The Working With Music + Consortium continues within the Erasmus+ Program: the Leonardo da Vinci PLM (People on the Labor Market) mobility project, intended for graduates of Italian Conservatories of Music, born in 2010 and continued with 4 editions that have allowed 130 young musicians to carry out training internships within European musical organizations. It borrows its main objective: to make up for the scarcity of relationships with the world of work during the students' courses of study. It preserves its specificity: offering post-diploma internships, thus proposing itself as an important hinge between training and profession. The Consortium includes the partners of the Leonardo project, the Conservatories of Frosinone, Genoa, L'Aquila, Monopoli, Padua, Turin, Trieste, Verona and the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali of Livorno, which have been joined by the Conservatories of Alessandria, Cagliari, Castelfranco Veneto, Florence, Latina, Parma, Pescara, Trapani, Venice, and Saint Louis College of Music of Rome, all united in the aim of supporting young people in the transition from training to work, where, in addition to strong skills and professional skills, self-awareness, perseverance in goals and adaptability and creativity are required.

Body Sound DiVision

Consortium Erasmus of Higher Roman Artistic Education. Body Sound DiVision (BsdV) was born from the desire to establish a network of Higher Artistic Education, exquisitely Roman, although of national depth and importance, which can pose itself internationally as an interconnected entity and constituted for the realization of Erasmus, European and non-European mobility projects. The name, chosen by mutual agreement, wants to represent in a simple and direct way the areas of action in which the Consortium Institutes intend to move – Dance, Music, Design – emphasizing the primary focus of the Consortium itself, multidisciplinarity. Body Sound DiVision is composed of 3 Institutes of Higher Artistic Education, authorized by Miur to issue academic titles of I and II level, all based in Rome and each representing the highest excellence in their discipline: Saint Louis, Accademia Nazionale di Danza, ISIA Roma Design.


A strategic partnership composed by 9 institutions that will examine the issue of power relations in the field of higher music education (HME), funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.
What is PRIhME?


GLOMUS is a global network for Higher Education in Music, Dance and Performing Arts. The core values for the GLOMUS network are intercultural dialogue and artistic interaction, with the aim of contributing to positive social development, both locally and globally. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are therefore close to the DNA of the GLOMUS network. The network wants to help reduce inequality by making quality education around the world, supporting gender equality and increasing global health and well-being through art and culture. GLOMUS has 25 partner schools from all continents representing some of the world's strongest and most academically visionary art schools. The semester GLOMUS Camps bring together students, teachers, managers and artists from around the world to engage in intercultural expressions. GLOMUS is a value-based non-profit community where the artistic and human development of students is at the center.

International Writers Camp

The International Writers Camp (IWC) is an annual event organized by the Conservatorium Haarlem to introduce Pop and E-music students to the real world of the music industry, helping them expanding their horizons and skills, allowing them to work with creative minds from other musical genres, other professions and other countries.
IWC is powered by real business assignments from distinguished music industry representatives, including BMG/Talpa, Armanda Music & Strengholt Music. An incredible learning experience for all participants and a fantastic way to enjoy an international experience, creating new contacts in just a few days.
Saint Louis is a stable partner of the Camp and annually selects 4/5 participants from its students of the Songwriting and Electronic Music Courses.