Located in Rome, in the historic center, the Saint Louis College of Musicis a natural source of attraction for international students who wish to carry out part of their studies abroad.

Saint Louis is in fact composed of 4 locations which are nel city center, walking distance one from each other and a stone's throw from the major artistic attractions of the capital: the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, St. Peter's, the Spanish Steps are all within walking distance!

This allows students the opportunity to benefit from one of the most beautiful areas of the city, its services and its active social and cultural life, while studying and progressing in their educational path. The influence of an Art City like Rome is a factor of great strength in the cultural and artistic growth of a young person.

Vivere a Rome offre a molto agli studenti in visita ed in particolare per giovani motivati a diventare musicisti professionisti: i concerts and live events of the highest level are on the agenda, as well as a wide range of small and medium clubs open to all kinds of music programming. But this diverse offer can also be confusing and overwhelming! And that's why Saint Louis helps the student network be aware of everything that's going on in the city.

The best support in this regard is certainly provided by the Student Union and the Buddy System

buddy system logoAmong the support systems we point you out first of all the buddy system, a program through which each Erasmus student is joined by a student from Saint Louis who, after being specially trained by the International Office, serves as a tutor to the entrusted student. The buddy system is a programme that promotes the integration of Erasmus students within the new Institute. The project, increasingly used by European institutes participating in the Erasmus+ programme, is a form of reception and support.
The student who finds him/herself living in a completely new and different reality from the country of origin, finds in the buddy an accomplice and friend student.

All basic information regarding accommodation, moving to Rome, etc. is provided by the International Office before the student's departure, so that he or she does not feel "lost" when arriving in Rome.

A whole day, International Orientation Day, is dedicated to the orientation of newly arrived international students:

Saint Louis also organizes student concerts (Lab on the Road, Summer and Winter Gigs, Simply the Best, etc.) and events throughout the year: these are aimed both at giving students the opportunity to perform repeatedly on real stages and in front of a real audience and to help students network and meet each other, becoming friends and exchanging opinions on music and beyond.

Cost of living
  1. renting a room in an apartment: € 350-600 per month
  2. renting a small apartment for two/four people: € 750-1,200 per month
  3. Transports in Rome: Metro&Bus € 35 per month
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    Visa and residence permit

    Entry and staying of students in Italy

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    Health insurance

    National Health System and private insurances

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    Codice Fiscale

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    Living in Rome

    Useful information about our city

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    Italian language

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