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Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

The trio investigates the blues influence on the Italian songs production of the 60’s. The artists of that era tried to put together their own tradition with the influences coming from overseas, and which slowly modified not only Italian music but Italian way of life in the post-war period. The Radio and Italianisedartists such as Wes or Rocky Roberts contaminated with their innovative sound most of the pop production in those years.

The real hymn of those days was “Io vorrei la pelle nera” (how I wish I had a black skin). Blues forms, Motown sound, brass sections, pressing rhythms took over the entertainment role that belonged to classical orchestras. Italian contemporary music maybe would not exist without this contaminations.

Pietro Venza

He started playing the guitar at the age of 12, both electric and acoustic guitar, and in a couple of years he was already active on the Sicilian music scene, both in cover bands and original music groups. After the secondary school he moved to London, where he studied for one year in the BIMM music school. After that he moved to Rome to attend Saint Louis College of Music, being the only student to gain direct access to the Academic Course in the year 2014. There he studied Blues, Jazz and Rock guitar under the guidance of Lello Panico, with whom he also shared the stage in several occasions.

He played with the Saint Louis Pop Orchestra in prestigious theatres such as Auditorium parco della Musica and Teatro Eliseo, also accompanying the famous Italian singer Antonella Ruggiero.

He composed part of the soundtrack for the documentary “Playback: Il Caso Malien” by Roberto Giglio, finalist in the Bellaria Film Festival 2017, and broadcast on the National Italian TV (RAI).

He attended Master Classes and Workshops with great artists such as Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Guthrie Govan, Enrico Pieranunzi, Lenny White, Paul Gilbert, Michael Lee Firkins and many others.

Andrea Rosatelli

Born in Rieti in 1976, he began playing bass at the age of 11 years. After studying Jazz at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he graduated in double bass, he decided to approach the modern music by enrolling at the Music University in Rome, where, four years later he graduated in electric bass. Very young he began an intense activity as sidemanexperiencing with different musical genres, from Jazz to Pop, from Latin to Funky, etc.

After the first experiences in TV programs and on tour with the orchestra of the M° Pregadio, Andrea’s professionalism grew between live and studio performances.

Among the most significant collaborations: Gianni Morandi – Patty Pravo – Loredana Berté – Nek – Simon and Garfunkel – Michele Zarrillo – Paola Turci – Povia – Valeria Rossi – Giò Di Tonno and Lola Ponce – Manuela Villa – Carlotta – Stragà – Mauro Di Maggio – Pier Cortese – Federico Salvatore – Simona Bencini – Mp2 and many others. Other important collaborations are those with famous Orchestra Maestri such as Pippo Caruso – Fio Zanotti – Marco Sabiu – Beppe Vessicchio – Andrea Guerra – Massimo Nunzi – Roberto Pregadio – Franco Piersanti with whom Andrea performed in soundtracks and television broadcasts.

In recent years he was also engaged in teaching, with the most prestigious music schools in Italy, collaborating for courses and seminars whit Saint Louis College of Music and University of Music (Rome) – Groove Factory (Udine) – Daigo (Padova) – High School Musical Pontine (Latina), etc. At present, for his teaching activity Andrea cooperates exclusively with the Saint Louis College of Music, where he teaches electric bass and ensemble music.
His 10 years teaching experience is materialized with the publication of the “Handbook of Bass Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” and “The Notebook bassist” published by Carisch and first in industry sales charts for several weeks.

Daniele Chiantese

Unique and versatile session-drummer, The Art of Drumless, he has worked in different musical genres touring and recording with Italian and international artists, such as Daniele Sepe, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Matthew Garrison, Brigada Internazionale, Paolo Fresu, Wojtek Pilichowski, Brett Garsed, William Stravato, Amit Chatterjee, David Jackson, Guthrie Govan, Davide Pannozzo and many others. He held clinics and performed at the major drum festivals and music fairs throughout Europe. Professor at the renowned Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he also collaborates on international teaching programs. He’s author of the book “Linear Workout”.



Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

The quartet was born from the encounter of pianist Vittorio Solimene, sax player Gideon Tazelaar and drummer Giacomo Camiletti in Amsterdam in December 2016. The musicians became strongly connected by their desire to explore the sounds of jazz and to find a personal sound, whilst undertaking a small tour between the Netherlands and Italy in June 2017. The band offers a repertoire that goes from the great jazz tradition to modern music inclinations. The quartet will perform various original songs composed by Tazelaar and Solimene, and also various arrangement of standards that can be found in the great American songbook.

Gideon Tazelaar (1997) started studying sax at the age of 7. At the age of 8 he played at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and from age 11 he began performing almost every year at the North Sea Jazz Festival with his quartet.
At age 14 he was admitted to the Bachelor of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam which he completed this year with the highest possible results. During the past summer he had the opportunity of performing with the sextet of the organ player dr. Lonnie Smith (in Germany and France).
He also played various times with the jazz orchestra of Concertgebouw, and with some of the best jazz players in the world such as: Dick Oatts, Eric Alexander, Johnathan Kreisberg, Joe Dyson, Benjamin Herman, Ruud Jacobs, Peter Beets, John Engels etc.


Vittorio Solimene was born in Naples on the 9th of June 1998. He started studying piano at the age of 12. In 2016 he obtained his High school diploma from the Liceo Musicale di Latina. Currently he is attending his last year of the Bachelors Degree in jazz piano at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.
He studied with teachers Ramberto Ciammarughi, Roberto Tarenzi, Pierpaolo Principato, Dario Zeno, Alessandro Gwis and Daniele Marcante.
He participated in the following seminars:
“Tuscia in Jazz”: attending the courses of Aaron Parks in 2014
“Siena Jazz”: attending the courses of Gerald Clayton, John Escreet, Franco D’Andrea and Stefano Battaglia in 2015.
In may 2017 he won the soloist prize of the contest “Paolo Randazzo”, and was a finalist in the contest “Chicco Bettinardi” in January 2016 and in “B-Jazz International Contest” in march 2017 (band category).
He also performed in various clubs and in Italian and European theatres such as Auditorium Parco della Musica, la Casa del Jazz, i Musei Capitolini, the Arabia Concert Hall in Helsinki , the Blackheath Hall in London and many more.
He collaborated with various musicians of the Italian and international music scene such as: Kurt Elling with the Saint Louis Big Band, Rosario Giuliani and Gegè Telesforo and also accompanied artists such as Dino Piana, Gianni Coscia, Sachal Vasandani and Jay Clayton.
On the 6th of May he was invited as a guest of the jazz orchestra of ‘Auditorium Parco della Musica, in occasion of the homage to Massimo Urbani.
Currently he lives in Rome where he undertakes an active a concert activity.


Originally from southern Germany, Daniel Nagel (20) is currently living and studying in Amsterdam.
Starting out on the Electric Bass, he was soon playing in bands, exploring lots of different genres. At the age of 17 he picked up the Double Bass and 2 years later moved to Mannheim to study at the University of Music and Performing Arts. One year later he chose to continue his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. His main projects are the recently founded Quintet WELS and the Amsterdam-based Quartet Quite Sublime.


Giacomo Camiletti began playing the piano at age 9. At 14 he entered the Liceo Musicale of Latina where he continued his studies in the world of classical percussions and classical piano. In this period he participated in many different contests as a soloist percussionist with the ensemble of the Liceo Musicale, obtaining great results in contests such as Concorso musicale nazionale Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Concorso musicale “Città di Tarquinia”, Giovani Musici.
At 18 he began to study jazz and at 19 he obtained a place in Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In the Conservatorium he has the occasion of getting in contact with a musical reality which is very diversified and vast.

Tommi Rautianen


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Elisabetta Antonini – vocal
Alessandro Gwis – piano
Guillermo Edoardo Garcia Vargas – guitar
Andrea Avena – double bass

Social Call gathers together jazz musicians from different contexts, together for the first time to export a brand new Italian project. Cameristic as well as Mediterranean tunes alternate to compositions characterized by jazz accents both contemporary and traditional, all of them being original compositions, most of them signed by the vocalist Elisabetta Antonini (Top Jazz 2014). In her recordings – such as “Un minute dopo” with the Oregon’s oboist Paul McCandless and with Alessandro Gwis on piano, and “The Beat Goes on”, a tribute to the Beat Generation – Elisabetta conjugates in a creative and refined way her own European compositional sensitivity of literary inspiration with overseas rhythms and atmospheres.

Elisabetta Antonini

Elisabetta Antonini is the first Italian female singer to sign with the prestigious independent label Candid Records, of renowned music producer Alan Bates. She is the Winner of the Top Jazz Magazine Award, voted by critics as The Best New Talent 2014.

Sophisticated singer, as well as a talented composer and arranger, she is active in the jazz sphere participating in shows and festivals all over Europe and presenting a vast repertoire that goes from the American Songbook to original works and contemporary jazz, collaborating with many international musicians (K. Wheeler, P. McCandless, V. Tsabropoulos, A. Gravish, M. Rosen, P. Fresu, J. Girotto, F. Bearzatti, E. Pieranunzi).

Expert of jazz tradition as contemporary jazz repertoire, she leads different and creative projects such as: “The Beat Goes On”, dedicated to a group of American poets of the ‘50s known under the name of Beat Generation, where original music is set over the words and the voices of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlinghetti and Burroughs; “Nuance”, the Harp&Voice Duo with the harpist Marcella Carboni which presents original and jazz music along with some classics from the Brazil songbook using live electronics and effects; “Un Minuto Dopo”, a piano/voice and clarinets trio involved in original compositions inspired by chamber music and European jazz, with the extraordinary participation of oboist of Oregon, Paul McCandless; “In A New York Minute”, a drumless hard bop project featuring the great saxophone player Maurizio Giammarco which presents original arrangements of modern jazz compositions; “Women Next Door”, a jazz mainstream female drumless quartet inspired by the music and the style of George Shearing.

Vocalist in various recordings, co-author and soloist on projects of experimental electronic music, progressive rock, jazz and world music, soloist in jazz vocal ensembles and original jazz operas, has been part of various jazz orchestras directed by M° Gerardo di Lella, M° Bruno Tommaso, M° Massimo Nunzi. Her latest recording, “AH!” by Pollock Project, with Marco Testoni and Simone Salza, is a multimedia project that blends visual art and improvised music, in collaboration with the international artistic movement NEM (New Era Museum).

She performed in several theatres and jazz clubs, in Italy and abroad, and took part in important international jazz festivals such as: Umbria Jazz, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Rio Harp Festival a Rio de Janeiro, Torino Jazz Festival, Rumori Mediterranei Roccella Jonica, Festival Internazionale di Jazz Contemporaneo alla Casa del Jazz, Rassegna I Grandi del Jazz al Teatro Sistina di Roma, Nuoro Jazz, Time in Sassari, Villa Celimontana Jazz, Viggiano Jazz, Rassegna Giovani Leoni alla Casa del Jazz, Festival Internazionale del Jazz di La Spezia, Tuscia In Jazz, Roma Summer Jazz Festival, […].

Jazz educator in singing and vocal improvisation, director of the jazz choir at the Saint Louis Music School of Rome, she teaches at many Italian Conservatories (Trento, Brescia, Benevento) and at various jazz workshops all over Italy (Nuoro Jazz, Tuscia in Jazz Spring, Tuscia in Jazz Summer, La Spezia Jazz Clinics, Jazz ‘s Cool) alongside outstanding musicians as Paolo Fresu, Sheila Jordan, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Maria Pia De Vito, Francisco Mela, Kevin Hays, Scott Colley, Donny McCaslin, Peter Bernstein, Aaron Goldberg, Eric Harland, Kenny Werner, Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Alessandro Gwis

Pianist, keyboard player and composer, was born in Rome in 1969. At the age of 8 he began to study the classical piano and from 1987 he performs at many concerts and tours. As a versatile musician and expert in piano and electronic music, he is comfortable with various musical contexts, even if very distant one from the other: jazz, electronic improvisation, latin music, music for theatre and dance performances, rock. He is a member of Aires Tango (along with Javier Girotto, Marco Siniscalco and Michele Rabbia) from the moment the group was founded and has played with many important artists such as Ralph Towner, Cuong Vu, Paul McCandless, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Jorge Pardo, Gegè Telesforo, Dulce Pontes, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Ben Sidran, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Maria Pia de Vito, Antonello Salis, Peppe Servillo, Sergio Rubini, Paolo Damiani, Stefano Benni. Moreover he has collaborated with various pop singers, in particular with Gianni Morandi (from 1993 to 2004), Samuele Bersani, Massimo Ranieri, Patty Pravo, Sergio Endrigo and many others. In 2006, after a long period as a “sideman”, Alessandro Gwis comes to his first project as a soloist and publishes two CD’s: “Alessandro Gwis” (Cni, 2006) and “#2” (Cni, 2010), in which he synthesises in a very natural way the musical experiences that have involved him, thanks to an original combination between acoustic piano and electronic instruments.

Andrea Avena

Born in Rome in 1965, he is a double bass player and composer.
Awards:in 1986 he is the winner of the “New Talents” contest run by RAI3 (Italian state TV)as best talent for both electric bass and double bass; in 1990 with the group “Teatracolors” he wins the first prize for new groups in Forlì; he ranks as finalist in the Barga international competition for jazz orchestra composition and arrangement held for the editions ’88, ’89, ’90, ’96; in 1998 he raks as finalist in the Sassari “Scrivere in jazz” international composition competition. In 2009 he wins the Imaie “Premio Opera”.

Jazz: he collaborates with Lester Bowie, Kirk Lightsey, Manhu Roche, Don Moye, Massimo Urbani, Maurizio Giammarco, Javier Girotto, Paolo Ravaglia, Bill Smith, Antonello Salis, Massimo Manzi, Ettore Fioravanti, etc.

Theatre:he performs in the following plays: “Canti di scena”, “Il signor Novecento”, “Le cantate del fiore e del buffo”, “Concerto Fotogramma”, “La Pietà”, “Epta”, “Viaggi di Ulisse” (music by N. Piovani); “West side story”, “Irma la dolce”, touring Italy, Greece, Israel, Spain, Belgium; Turkey, Tunisia, France, England, Romania, China.

TV and Radio: RAIUNO (Roberto Benigni), RAIDUE (Sabina Guzzanti; Luca Zingaretti, “Piazza Grande”, “Mezzogiorno in Famiglia”), TMC (with Lelio Luttazzi trio), RAITRE (“Dove Osano Le Quaglie”, “Prima della Prima”, “Che Tempo che Fa”).Radiotre suite: European radios day dedicated to Ellington (unique Italian group), Radiotre: I concerti del Quirinale.

Music for cinema and theatre: he collaborates withNicola Piovani, Ennio Morricone, Germano Mazzocchetti, Carlo Di Blasi, Lucio Gregoretti, Giovanna Marini, Franco Piersanti, Renato Serio, Piero Pintucci, Stelvio Cipriani, Andrea Guerra, etc.

Activity as educator: he is the author of a method for theory, harmony and music reading in 4 volumes(“Teoria e Armonia” ediz. Sinfonica) and of three books dedicated to the analysis of melodies and to their harmonization (“Analisi e Arrangiamento”). He teaches harmony and arrangement in many structures among which Respighi Conservatory of Latina, Saint Louis College of Music of Rome. He is chairman of Jazz composition in the Conservatory of Avellino.

Guillermo Eduardo Garcia Vargas

He was born in San Salvador on 30th October, 1993. He moved to Rome at the age of 10 with his family. Since he was a child he was musically talented: when he was 6, he played drums and performed several times in his father’s band. Four years later he started playing guitar guided by his father. At age of 16 he decided to take up guitar at Saint Louis College of Music. He studied with Claudio Ricci and Nico Stufano Rock/Blues guitar with a particular interest in fusion. He performed with several bands in some of the Roman venues such as Cotton club, Monk, Wishlist and others. He had many duo collaborations with singers.

Daniele Marcante


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Giulia Capogrossi – vocal
Daniele Marcante – guitar
Roberto Sanguigni – bass
Roberto Palladino – drums

The band performs a repertoire made up of Italian traditional songs in a funk or jazz-blues key, together with some original songs composed by members of the band itself. The traditional songs, selected among the masterpieces of such authors as Paolo Conte, Pino Donaggio, Sergio Endrigo, Pino Daniele, are coloured by new sounds, defeating time and space barriers and landing to a more modern and dynamic sound, beating at a contemporary pace.

Daniele Marcante

Guitar instructor in Saint Louis College of Music of Rome, where he gets his Diploma under the guidance of Lello Panico. He collaborated with Italian and International artists such as Francesco De Gregori, Alan Sorrenti, Marie Claire D’Ubaldo, Paolo Vallesi, Leda Battisti, James Thompson, Max Dedo, Nicola Costa, Luca Colombo, Federico Poggipollini.

Giulia Capogrossi

Born in Rome, Italy, in 1986. Her grandmother was professional classical musician at Teatro La Scala and really into modern music too. Because of this musical background she grew up listening to a diverse range of music from Chopin, to Ray Charles, to Aretha Franklin. She broke into music at the age of 15 as singer and songwriter winning some important local critics awards. She rise through the ranks, having lot of gigs and jam sessions in Rome and London where she had the opportunity to sing with some popular blues guitarists as Matt Schofied or Ian Siegal and works with local professional musician in blues, soul, rnb and rock ensemble. She graduated in Political Sciences with highest honours and she’s currently a Jazz student at Saint Louis College of Music, and involved with her newborn Jazz quartet “the Unchained”.

Roberto Palladino

Drums instructor in Saint Louis College of Music of Rome.
He got a rock drums Diploma in Saint Louis as well as a Degree in Jazz Drums and Percussions in Santa Cecilia Conservatoire of Rome.
Among his collaborations: Paolo Vallesi, Francesco De Gregori, Leda Battisti, Marie Claire D’Ubaldo, Lello Panico, Federico Poggipollini, Iseiottavi.


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Elisa Lostumbo voce
Francesco Provenzano chitarra
Giovanni Grieco chitarra
Gabriele Calanca basso
Pier Sante Falconi batteria

La compositrice e cantante Heli (Elisa Lostumbo) inizia a comporre i primi brani nel 2014 durante un viaggio in Norvegia. Da sempre affascinata dalla cultura e dai paesaggi nordici, trova ispirazione tra la natura dei fiordi e dei boschi norvegesi. Se da una parte la sua musica conserva una matrice folk nell’aspetto più intimista, dall’altra esprime tutta l’energia del rock.
Nel 2016 decide di avviare il progetto musicale “Heli & The Nordic Wind”. Le sonorità del gruppo tendono alla ricerca e alla sperimentazione sonora tra intrecci chitarristici e ritmi ipnotici in grado di creare le giuste atmosfere per ogni storia, per ogni intimo verso. Il sound è avvolto da un alone di mistero, tormentato, intenso che lascia comunque spazio ad improvvise aperture melodiche, come il Vento del Nord, che trasporta via le inquietudini e svela una tenue luce.

MARTA allieva canto del saint louis


Marta Iacoponi voce
Margherita Flore tastiere
Corrado Filiputti chitarra
Simone D’Andrea basso
Fabrizio Di Martino batteria

MARTA è il progetto musicale della cantautrice viterbese Marta Iacoponi. Le sue composizioni in lingua italiana sono racconti ispirati da esperienze vissute in prima persona o da spettatrice e che hanno come filo conduttore la vita quotidiana.
Gli arrangiamenti, curati insieme ai componenti della band, hanno sonorità che spaziano dal pop al rock con alcune influenze della musica indie ed elettronica.
Attraverso le sue canzoni, MARTA disegna sul palco un mondo talvolta crudo, riflessivo e realistico, talvolta spensierato, sereno che lascia spazio alla fantasia.


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

I Flowing Chords nascono dall’incontro tra diversi cantanti del Saint Louis College of Music e Margherita Flore, laureanda in Composizione presso lo stesso Istituto, in una sperimentazione energica della coralità a cappella, spaziando nel repertorio dal Pop al cantautorale, dal Rock al R&B contemporaneo.

Ad un anno dalla nascita hanno cantato in diversi festival come il Caffeina Jazz Festival di Viterbo, in collaborazione con il Saint Louis College of Music alla Festa di Roma presso il Lungotevere San Gallo insieme ad artisti di fama internazionale, al Teatro Eliseo, al Teatro Don Bosco di Fabriano, alla Domus Ciancaleoni, al Forte dei Borgia a Nepi e continua ad esibirsi in alcuni dei più rinomati locali di Roma e non solo.

Collabora inoltre con gruppi jazz e prog come i VEMM e i Dumbo Station in concerti e registrazioni.

Pierluca Buonfrate 4tet Words @ Villa Celimontana


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

What distinguishes a song written by George Gershwin from a song written by Luigi Tenco? Seemingly many things: the historic context, the period, the fact that they belong to different musical worlds. But there are two things in common: they are stories to be told and melodies to be sang, and where there is a story the “garment” (the musical style that is chosen), can only support the beauty.

In this project there are many traditions inherited and assimilated which come together, the classical Italian song and jazz, melody and improvisation, with the certainty that Cole Porter was thinking of Puccini whilst composing, as Bruno Martino was thinking of Nat King Cole.

Pierluca Buonfrate

Born in Rome on August 5th 1965.
He studied both pop singing techniques with Cinzia Baldana in CIAC music school in Rome and jazz with Fabrizia Barresi, opera with Carlo di Giacomo. At CIAC school he follows music theory courses also. He studied piano with Pierpaolo Principato and Latin percussions with Luca Scorziello and Sergio Quarta. He follows several workshops with artists such as Mark Murphy, Bob Stoloff, Carl Anderson, Jo Estill, Miles Griffith, Dean Bowman, Nena Freelon, jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Denise king, Benny Benack.

Starting from 1994 he teaches vocal technique, jazz singing and improvisation in music schools in Rome and since 1996 he works at Saint Louis College of Music, and is also the chairman of the vocal courses.

In 2001 he’s the finalist of the “Premio Massimo Urbani”, a jazz award.
He was vocalist and co-singer in the famous showman Renzo Arbore’s “swing maniacs” orchestra, performing TV shows, tours, and recording two CDs from 2000 to 2005.

He worked in many TV shows as a vocalist and lead singer from 1999 to 2010.
As a jazz singer he leads many jazz bands, records some CDs and works with many musicians in clubs and jazz festivals, in Rome and in Italy.

He works as well in many projects singing other music styles: Neapolitan Classic songs, pop songs, and recording studio for advertisement, soundtracks, cartoons and animation movies, Other stories a cura di Pierluca Buonfrate.

Pierpaolo Principato

Eclectic musician who always ranged between acoustic and electric jazz, world music and pop playing in the most prestigious Jazz Festivals and national clubs both national and International, as well as in several jazz, world and pop tours.

In 1988 he started his now 30 years long collaboration with the guitarist and composer Francesco Bruno, with whom he recorded 7 CDs, and with the drummer Agostino Marangolo, with whom he recorded 2 CDs.

He played in several Italian and international tours with popular music artists such as Richie Havens, and with jazz artists such as the bass player Richard Bona of the Zawinul Syndicate, Steps Ahead, Pat Metheny Group.

In 2012 he started his beautiful collaboration with the Norwegian singer Nina Jori Pedersen, recording 2 CDs.

He worked in many shows and tournées for the theatre, also taking part in tv shows.

Alongside the artistic activity, Pierpaolo is an active educator, teaching in prestigious institutions such as Saint Louis of Rome, where he is the Head of Didactics both for the Jazz and Popular music department, the Head of Jazz Piano, Pop Piano and Jazz Harmony. Form 2011 to 2016 he was a pop piano teacher in the Conservatorium of Frosinone. He took part in many Italian and European “Jazz Contests”

Chitarrista allievo saint louis


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Iggy Pop lo ha definito “una futura Rock-Star” dopo aver visto una delle sue performance. Marco Cinelli prende la chitarra all’età di 11 anni sulle orme di Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck e BB King. Cantante e al tempo stesso compositore elegante, diventa ben presto un artista Pop/Urban Soul. Dopo aver frequentato il Saint Louis College of Music di Roma, si trasferisce ad Amsterdam con la sua band Growlin’ Love & Pain, dove compone, produce e pubblica gli album “Slightly Tasteful” (2008) e “Breeze” (2011).
Marco Cinelli

Quattro anni più tardi si trasferisce a Parigi, dove pubblica il suo disco da solista “Parallel Postulate” (2013) e l’EP “Watch Me Movin’” (2016). Si installa successivamente a Londra dove prosegue incessantemente la sua carriera di compositore, arrangiatore, front-man e turnista.

Antea allieva canto del saint louis


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Martina “Antea” Carelli voce
Giovanni Grieco chitarra
Matteo Gravante chitarra
Gabriele Calanca basso
Ivan Daniele batteria

Cantante, compositrice e autrice di testi, Antea (Martina Carelli), presenterà le sue composizioni originali e inedite. Brani che parlano del sociale, dell’anima e delle controversie fra istinto e ragione. Il genere verte su vari stili che si fondono a formarne uno unico, creando un insolito mix di Soul, R&B, Rock, Hard Rock, Prog e Alternative.

Stefano Minder cantante del saint louis


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Love through my eyes

Stefano Minder, vocal
Antoni Zygmunt Kuzak, alto sax
Lorenzo Nanni, piano
Alessio Renda, bass
Yuri Alviggi, drums

Always engaged in song-writing, suspended between jazz and soul, the pianist and singer Stefano Minder presents his first album “Love Through My Eyes”. Through his constant research in music, Stefano walks different paths leading him to the experimentation of new methods to use the voice as a tool meant to depict colors and new worlds.

His motto: “Voice is a proper instrument, able to express deep feelings as almost any other instruments can do. It is strictly connected to the soul and becomes its audible expression; it converts the invisible in visible, it creates new sounds and colors, it transforms an emotion into music. Voice is an instrument to be found out, subject to constant evolution and expansion. An expansion which goes beyond our traceable imaginative borders”.


Stefano Minder is a jazz singer and pianist. He is currently promoting his first self-produced album called ‘Love Through My Eyes.’ He grew up in a Swiss family in both Switzerland and Italy.

Stefano has studied with some of Europe’s best known jazz singers including Elisabetta Antonini and Maria Pia de Vito. Though interested in music since childhood, he pursued his professional course of study at the SLMC in Rome, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in jazz voice with minors in jazz piano, improvisation, jazz arrangement, and classical harmony. In September 2016 Stefano won an Erasmus scholarship and attended the Fall semester of the academic year 2016/2017 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig, Germany.

Stefano has long been immersed in songwriting and exploring different music styles, but always comes back to jazz and soul. He devoted most of 2017 to producing his own music. In the same year Stefano has had the opportunity to perform in various important locations and festivals, including one of the most prestigious locations nationwide: the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

The release of his debut album introduces his audience to a new level of artistic achievement and personal maturity. Stefano performed his first self-produced album in the famous Cotton Club in Rome, Italy to positive reviews and support.

He has performed in many renowned festivals, concerts, and music events across Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. In July, 2016, he performed at the well-known Ravello Music Festival with the Burnoguala ‘Large Vocal Ensemble,’ the same festival where world-renowned jazz artists such as Maria Joao, Norma Winstone, and Ralph Towner performed. He also performed with the Stefano Minder Trio at the Roma Jazz Festival in 2010 and the Roma Jammin’ Festival in 2015. During his academic career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with jazz singers such as Kurt Elling, Sheila Jordan and Sashal Vasandani.

Through his continuing musical pursuits, Stefano is constantly looking for ways to use his talents to open the eyes of his audience to experience new colors and new worlds. In his own words: “The voice is an all-powerful instrument, capable of expressing deep feelings that perhaps no other musical instrument can do. It is directly connected with the soul and becomes the audible expression of it. It converts the invisible into visible, creates new sounds and colors, transforms emotion into music. The voice is a tool to discover, subject to continuous evolution and expansion; expansion that goes beyond our imaginable limits.”


Yuri started studying the drums at the age of ten years, showing also a remarkable interest in other percussion instruments. He studied at the “Alfredo Casella” conservatory of L’Aquila, attending classical percussion classes, under the guidance of the teachers such as Gianluca Ruggeri and Alessandro Tomassetti.

In 2010 he moved to Rome to perfect the drums study, attending the Jazz drum course at “Saint Louis College of Music”.

During these years he has had opportunities to study with top-class teachers including Claudio Mastracci, Gianni Di Renzo, Daniele Chiantese, Roberto Gatto, Davide Piscopo, Ezio Zaccagnini, Daniele Pomo.

Demonstrating a strong attitude towards style such as Funk Latin and Jazz, Yuri was engaged to collaborate with well-established musicians: Mario Corvini, Massimo Moriconi, Stefano di Battista, Eddy Palermo, Luca Ruggero Jacovella and Scott Henderson.

He attended seminars held by: Alfredo Golino, Kim Plainfiel, Dave Weckl, Massimo Manzi, Dominique Of Square, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Roberto Gatto, Tom Kennedy, Eric Marienthal, Roberto Pistolesi, Luca Napolitano, Jhon Farnsworth, Jeff Hirshfield.

Starting in 2010 he joined the “Fuccelli Fisarmony” orchestra directed by teacher Roberto Fuccelli.

In 2015 he started collaborating with the RJO (Rieti Jazz Orchestra) Big Band Jazz directed by Mario Corvini.

In 2017 he supported Scott Henderson in the conduction of some workshops.

In 2017 he collaborated as an assistant and translator for the “Summer Jazz Workshop”: an international seminar organized by “Veneto Jazz” in collaboration with the “New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music” in New York. He collaborated with professors such as Jeff Hirshfield, Aaron Goldberg, John Ellis, Rory Stuart, Amy London, Stephen Senni and Ambrose de Palma.

He is involved in several projects as a drummer-percussionist, performing an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad.


‘What you do as a child influences your life for good’ – and that happened when Lorenzo’s Grandma gave him his first accordion to play with, like it was a toy, not knowing that he had already decided to take it seriously. At the age of seven he started to study with Francesco Colanci who gave him the tools to participate at the National Championship five times, which he won three times. Lorenzo began to feel that the accordion wasn’t enough so he sat behind a piano for the first time and never left this instrument since then.

Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop: he began a journey throughout music, discovering the world of keyboard and electronic music in which he found an amazing place to express his creativity. In 2012 he decided to start studying classical accordion at the G. Pergolesi Conservatory in Fermo with the teacher Riccardo Centazzo. During this year he started to express his ideas in music, beginning to write and compose music. 2012 is a lucky year for Lorenzo because after spending 10 days on his first cruise as a pianist on board of MSC Fantasia, he met Ettore Gentile, who gave him most of the teachings and solutions that allowed him to understand the complicated world of the piano. This gave him the possibility to win two scholarships for the “Fara Music Summer School” in 2014, and start his piano studies at the Licino Refice Conservatory under the supervision of the teacher Greg Bark in the same year. Now he is focusing on his activity as a composer and arranger in his studio where he produces and writes original music. In 2017 he also wrote different soundtracks for some Italian documentaries.


He was only 10 years old when he started his music adventure. Since that time a lot of things happened on his path – among others he is a graduate of saxophone class at one of the best music school in Poland – “Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych w Bielsku-Białej”, after that he started education on Music Academy in Cracow – He didn’t finish because he decided to try his best in United States. There he took part in the admission exam for Berklee College of Music in Boston – he got admitted but because of some unfortunate events he had to returt to Europe. Here he began his studies under the guidance of an outstanding saxophonist – Rosario Guliani at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Antoni participated in numerous music festivals and competitions in, and outside of Poland. He is the winner of a scholarship from the authorities in his hometown – Bielsko-Biała. There he is known as a leader of many bands on the jazz scene of the city.



Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Federica Zammarchi – vocal
Pierpaolo Principato – piano
Dario Giacovelli – bass

Federica Zammarchi

Singer, composer and arranger, she was born in 1973, in that beautiful corner of Italy named Tuscany.
In 2000 she took a degree in Philosophy at the University of Studies of Siena, with an anthropological orientation, then she totally dedicated to music, Studiyng at the Saint Louis College of Music of Rome (with a two consecutive years scholarship), and soon after she graduated at the Conservatory of Frosinone (IT) specializing in jazz singing and big-band arranging/composing.
She released several albums under her own name, from the jazz standards and original compositions (Fires ‘n Pyres-2009), to the jazzy-oriented versions of some legends of the rock history as David Bowie (Jazz Oddity – 2011) and Jimi Hendrix (The Jazz Cries Jimi – 2012), to the only-digital release “On The Rock’s” based on famous pop songs re-arrangements, working with some of the most influent jazz musicians of the italian (and international as well) scene.After spending more than a decade around jazz and surroundings, she finally begun to join together all of her skills and experiences: being a singer, a woodwinds and brass and strings arranger, a composer and a skilled sound designer, a synthetizers and sequencers programmer and to go back to her initial love, pop/rock music…In the middle of such a strong transformation she met Davide Alivernini, a music producer and multi instrumentalist who started from classical studies (Clarinet, Saxophone) and then moved to electronic music (Electric Guitar and Bass) and sound design, working as an arranger and composer for several international labels.

Together they founded a new, innovative project, named ANTICHORDS, a duo- project merging electronica, jazz, pop, classical, experimental, sound design in a unique new sound that they like to call “cross-electro”, released by CNI in 2015.In the same period, thanks to the label CNI (that released the last two albums) she started a fascinating collaboration with the historical ethno/world group AGRICANTUS, taking up the route again after some year with a new project, involving two of the original founders, Mario Rivera (Bass & Arranging) and Mario Crispi (Woodwinds & Composition), for a new album called “Turnari” wherein she worked as singer, she played synth and piano and also composed “Locu”, one of the tracks (With the lyrics of Mario Crispi). The group also includes Giovanni Lo Cascio (Drums), Giuseppe Grassi (Strings) and as special guests Enzo Rao (Violin), Giuseppe Panzeca (strings) & Massimo Laguardia (Frame Drums).
With the band she performed ad the Primo Maggio concert (1st may 2014) in Rome, Piazza San Giovanni, one of the most important music events in Italy, worldwide broadcasted by RAI TV.She took part to many workshops held by some of the biggest names around the jazz world, including Mark Murphy, Norma Winstone, Bob Stoloff, Uri Cane and the italian Maria Pia De Vito, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Pieranunzi…She teaches singing, music theory and choir at the Saint Louis College of Music of Rome and at the art school Artidee. Privately, music theory, arranging and composing.She continues to arrange for jazz orchestras, strings, writes contemporary jazz pieces and electronic/pop songs.



Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017 from “Metropolia”, Helsinki
special guest in “Italian 60’s in Blues” for the concerts of Helsinki and Rome

Jarmo Hynninen is a highly appreciated and hard working guitarist and guitar teacher in the Finnish music scene and over the years he has gathered a lot of fans and disciples paying close attention to his playing and tone. I’m definitely one of Jarmo’s fans as well, and I was thrilled to hear he had bought a Mojo Grande. I’ve always admired Jarmo’s tasteful tone, and I’m happy that one of my guitars has become a part of his musical vocabulary.

Jarmo Hynninen started guitar playing at age 12. He graduated from Helsinki Pop/Jazz Conservatory in 1994. Jarmo has also studied at Sibelius Academy, Jazz Dept., where he earned Master of Music degree in 2006.

Hynninen has played guitar for his living since 1989. In addition to his very own J.Hynninen Band Jarmo has played in a lot of bands and worked with a lot of vocalists over the years – Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung, Juha Björninen Band, Frank Robson Band, Henry O’Band, Pepe Ahlqvist, Django’s Four, Pekka Toivanen quartet/quintet, Kirka, Tapani Kansa, Pepe Willberg, Heikki Silvennoinen, Pepe Ahlqvist, Bill Öhström & Ilkka Rantamäki, dr. Helander, Dana Fuchs & Jon Diamond, Thorbjörn Risager, Layla Zoe, Neil Berrymen & Stronghold, Esquires, Tommi Rautiainen R&B trio & vocalist Timo Turpeinen/Highway, to name a few.

Hynninen has also played musicals & revue shows in theatre bands such as Comedytheatre Arena house band (1999-) and at Helsinki City Theatre. He has worked as studio musician on over 20 albums and played various TV shows in Finnish national TV with Olli Ahvenlahti band and many others.

Jarmo has also worked as a teacher / lecturer in a number of institutions – Helsinki Pop/Jazz Conservatory (1994-2000), Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Degree Programme in Pop and Jazz Music (2000–2008), Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Pop and Jazz Music (2008-), Sibelius Academy (courses since 1993) and many others.

Hynninen has published solo albums In the Mood For Playing (2001) and Just Pickin’ (2012). He has also published a number of instructional guitar book/CDs.


Guido Della Gatta 4et

Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Guido Della Gatta chitarra
Benjamin Ventura tastiera
Cristian Capasso basso
Alessio Crespi batteria



Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017 from The Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus/Aalborg
Special guest in “Italian 60’s in Blues”
for the concerts in Aalborg and Rome

… And then I started to play the guitar at the age of 13. Gary Moore had just released Still got the Blues (1990), and I spent countless hours trying to learn the songs and solos note for note. In 1991 Extreme released the album Pornograffitti and I was totally impressed with Nuno Bettencourts time, accuracy, and ability to write funky, hard rock music.

Mr.Big guitarist Paul Gilbert was also a major influence, as well as Frank Gambale`s technique was intriguing to me. From 1998 to 2003 I studied guitar and ear-training at the Royal Danish Music Academy . I studied at the Drummers Collective in New York and Graduated from the “6 week certificate program 2” in autumn 2002 as a part of my diploma-year at RDMA. and since 2004 I have been a substitute teacher there.

I have played theatre shows ( Evita Aalborg teater 2006 and Hair Aalborg teater 2007), and many live gigs as a guitarist and singer. In 2008 I participated in the danish Music Contest on national live-TV as a background singer. Occasionally I have been performing as a guitarist with danish well known artists such as: Lis Sørensen, Sko&Torp, Brødrene Olsen, James Sampson, Jakob Sveistrup, Jacob Andersen, Ivan Pedersen, Anne-Dorthe Michelsen, Annika Askman, Zindy, Monique, Benjamin Koppel, Martin Preisler etc..


Francesco Sacchini voce
Corrado Filiputti chitarra
Daniele Greco chitarra
Daniel Mastrovito piano
Antonio Coronato basso
Davide Savarese batteria

cristian capasso


Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017

Alessandro Scialla piano
Guido della Gatta chitarra
Cristian Capasso basso
Antonio Muto batteria


Guido Della Gatta 4et

Guido Della Gatta chitarra
Benjamin Ventura tastiera
Cristian Capasso basso
Alessio Crespi batteria


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