GeGe telesforo and Combo

Saint Louis COMBO

Directed by M° Antonio Solimene

Young, light, dynamic, modular, energetic! These, the main characteristics of the Saint Louis Combo, one of the most talented, exciting and spectacular groups spread from the “talent factories” of Saint Louis itself. All the energy of a Big Band in a pocket-sized format.

At present the instrumental Combo, always ready to adapt to new collaborations, is working in close connection with the Saint Louis Voices section, to propose to the audience a repertoire in which the jazz brass meets the innovative vocal arrangements of this 6 voices ensemble in which the voice itself becomes instrument.

The repertoire itself is a special one, since, drawing inspiration from some of the best-known jazz standard, it refreshes and gets contaminated thanks to the arrangements especially created by the students of the Saint Louis composition and arrangement course. And in this creative ferment, some space is also reserved to original compositions always created by young musicians. For a young music performance, performed by young people.

Antonio Solimene is Head of the Jazz Arrangement and Ear Training courses in Saint Louis College fo Music. Alongside his didactic activity, he is orchestra Director inside and outside the Institute. Since 2008, he directs all Saint Louis Orchestras (Big Band, Combo, Little and Medium Combo). Since 1993 he directs the Tribunal Mist Jazz Band with which he performed in many prestigious events both in Itlay and all over the world. He directed the rhythmic-symphonic Mediaset Orchestra (National TV Broadcast stations) for Sony Music. He also directed the Bulgarian Orchestra. He recorded many CDs both as pianist and as orchestra Director, and collaborated with many musicians such as Stephane Grappelli, Lew Soloff, Gorge Masso, Maxime Saury, Paolo Fresu, Lucio Dalla, Stefano Bollani, Rosario Giuliani, Javier Girotto.

SIMONE PALA - alto sax
ALDO SORELLA - tenor sax
MAURO MASSEI - baritone sax

Three for Play

Is a newborn, fresh, young trio, which started its music path in 2014.

Among its targets, the realization of a music in line with the most modern jazz tendencies, but respectful of tradition. Its repertoire ranges from jazz masterpieces (W. Shorter, P. Metheny, T. Thielemans) to original compositions by the pianist Vittorio Solimene, who, only 17 years old, is now facing the larger audience as the new enfant prodige of Italian Jazz.

Vittorio Solimene was born in Naples in 1998. He started the piano studies when he was 12 years old and he is currently attending the 3rd Academic year of the Jazz Degree in Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. He played in prestigious festivals and venues such as Auditorium Parco della Musica, Jazzit Fest, Teatro dell’Angelo with Dino Piana and Gianni Coscia, Teatro Elsa Morante with the well-known singer Gegé Telesforo. He took part in the renowned workshops Siena Jazz (2015) and Tuscia in Jazz (2013).

Alessio Baldelli was born in Rome in 1989. He started the drums studies at the age of 13, developing a first passion for rock, and especially for groups such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, as well as for funk. Thanks to his path in Saint Louis College of Music under the guidance of Claudio Mastracci, he gets to know other music genres such as Jazz and Afro-Cuban music, which will become for him the object of a deepened technical study. He took part in several specialization workshops, such as Siena Jazz, in which he had the chance of studying with musicians of the caliber of Thomas Lang, Gregg Bissonette, Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Joe la Barbera, David Binney, Franco D’Andrea, Mark Guiliana, Jeff Ballard, Roberto Gatto.

Dario Piccioni, bass and double bass player born in Rome, completed his jazz studies in the main music schools of the Capital. Graduated in Anthropology, he attended jazz workshops with the main artists of the international jazz scene. He is at present very active on the Roma scene, both playing live and as recording musician, also collaborating with local and international artists, and ranging from jazz to Latin, from Brasilian music to funk and fusion.



Born as a professional Music Ensemble inside Saint Louis College of Music, The Melody Makers is the inspired and inspiring meeting between four incredibly talented music students at the end of their didactic path with the Internationally well-known bass players Marco Siniscalco.

Marco made available for the group a repertoire entirely composed by his own original compositions, in which the marked rhythmic features perfectly melt with the melodic ones of Latin/Mediterranean inspiration. The vocals become instrument, exploring with the rest of the group an expressive freedom typical of jazz and odd times.

Bassist, arranger and composer, Marco Siniscalco graduated at Berklee College of Music, Boston, in 1990. He has been working with many artists of the jazz and pop scene, such as Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Antonello Salis , Stefano Di Battista, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Wheeler, Tony Scott, Dick Halligan, George Garzone, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Carmen Consoli, Il Volo, Fiorella Mannoia, Claudio Baglioni, Peppe Servillo, Patti Smith, Dulce Pontes. As a sideman he has played in many orchestras (including RAI-TV orchestra in Sanremo Italian Song Festival) directed by Gianni Ferrio, Ritz Ortolani, Eumir Deodato, accompanying world-class artist such as George Benson and Michael Bolton. As a leader he has created many personal projects, including “Partenope” with Antonella De Grossi, “Quartetto Nazionale” with Marco Rinalduzzi, Sandro Centofanti and Marcello Surace and “RadioTrio” with Enrico Zanisi and Emanuele Smimmo. Besides, he produces music for commercials and films for FlipperMusic label.

II Compound Chord


Giovanni Candia - guitar
Fabrizio Cucco – bass
Matteo Bultrini – drums

The three musicians come from similar study paths concerning the jazz language and tradition. With this trio, they explore a repertoire ranging from traditional jazz to original compositions and some reworkings of pop songs. Moving away from the classic jazz guitar trio, they are looking for a peculiar sound, based on the development of the harmonic possibilities of the guitar.

Giovanni Candia is a jazz guitar player, composer and teacher. Over the years he has played in several bands, also outside jazz music. He is particularly fascinated by the relationship between tradition and innovation and the influence of postmodernism on jazz. This interest has accompanied him during the course of study for the Bachelor and the Master in Communication Science, and the topic “crossover in contemporary jazz” became the object of investigation for his bachelor degree in jazz guitar. Currently he is working on an original repertoire arranged for trio and quartet.

Fabrizio Cucco studied electric bass in Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, attaining a first class honors diploma. Though very young he already played with well-known Italian musicians such as Maurizio Giammarco, Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM '75 -'79), Rosario Giuliani, Greg, Joey Garrison, Piero Fabrizi (producer and guitar player for Fiorella Mannoia), Pietro Cantarelli (Mannoia, Fossati, Bersani).

Matteo Bultrini, born in Rome in 1991, he starts his drums studies being only 8 years old. He then continues studying in Saint Louis College of Music, under the guidance of the well-know Italian drummer Claudio Mastracci. At the same time he studies in the Santa Cecilia Conservatoire, studying with the world famous Roberto Gatto. During the last two years he has also been studying with Greg Hutchinson.

mario nappi Trio


Mario Nappi - piano
Corrado Cirillo – double bass
Luca Mignano – drums

A young trio, of fresh perception, with improvisation geometries drawing from the Afro-American jazz, bringing it back to nowadays with a certain spontaneity and maturity. The final result is a continuous syncretism among the Afro-American one, the Neapolitan one and modernity, with an interplay and a trio breath in its totality as a unique human being. The compositions are marked by a late-romantic vein, witnessing the European matrix common to the three young musicians belonging to the national jazz panorama. A wind of freshness and new sounds.
“Chicco Bettinardi” Piacenza Jazz 2013 – Italian Jazz Young Talents Award, Audience Award
“European Jazz Contest” Maastricht (The Netherlands) 2013
“Fara Jazz” 2013, Best Soloist Award
“Bergamo Jazz” 2014 and best arrangement prize
“Barga jazz” 2015 – “Luca Flores Best Soloist Award”

Mario Nappi was born in Naples and from an early age he began studying music, concentrating on the piano and later the vocal and instrumental composition. He graduated in piano and in composition at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples.
Despite his young age, he has already performed in several festivals of international renown such as
ITALIAN JAZZ DAYS in New York City, MAASTRICHT JAZZ FESTIVAL (The Netherlands), LE JOURNAL DE PETITE MONTPARNASSE (Paris), UMBRIA JAZZ (Perugia), FESTIVAL DEI DUE MONDI (Spoleto), FESTIVAL DI RAVELLO (Ravello), LA CASA DEL JAZZ and AUDITORIUM PARCO DELLA MUSICA (Rome). His discography vaunts 13 recordings with different line-ups, from his own trio, with which he recorded 2 Cds already, to the Big Band and featuring internationally renowned artists such as Javier Girotto. He published 3 didactic music and piano methods (ed. Wakepress). Parallel to his pianist, composer and arranger experience is his educator profession, teaching piano, harmony, improvisation and music theory. At present he teaches in the Naples Conservatoire.

Corrado Cirillo was born in Naples in 1984. He graduated (both 1st and 2nd cycle level degree) in double bass in Naples Conservatoire, under guidance of M° Ermanno Calzolari.
Very active on the live scene with several line-ups, he often collaborates with national and regional tv broadcasts. He collaborated with many renowned jazz artists, such as Flavio Boltro, John Kinnison, Bobby Durham, Famoudou Don Moye, Shawnn Monteiro, Jesse Davis, Luis Bacalov, Mark Sherman, Javier Girotto, Archie Shepp, ONJ orchestra. From 2010 he plays in the group of the composer P.Catalano, for the recording of soundtracks of several films such as Barney’s Version, Ferzan Ozpetek’s movies, etc.

Luca Mignano was born in Naples in 1991. He starts studying at the age of 11 under guidance of Sergio Di Natale, to proceed with Gregory Hutchinson.
Despite his young age he performed in many important national and international festivals such as MAASTRICHT JAZZ FESTIVAL (The Netherlands) and JAMMIN’FESTIVAL (Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma). As sideman he carries on a very intense live activity and was awarded with both national and international competitions. Among his live and recording collaborations: Javier Girotto, Saint Louis Big Band, Rosario Giuliani, Maria Pia De Vito,Orchestra Jazz Parthenopea.

Bipolary Jazz Duo


Biancamaria Scoccia - vocals
Alessandro Donadei - guitar

Physics teaches us that two opposite poles attract each other, and just like two magnets Alessandro Donadei and Biancamaria Scoccia meet in their shared love for music to give life to Bipolary Jazz duo. Bianca’s coarse and powerful interpretation melts with Alessandro’s flawless technique and sound accuracy, thus creating unique textures catching the listener in a hypnotic magnetism. They find expression in the jazz standard tradition, experimenting with original arrangements leaving large room to improvisation.

During its European tour inside the Italian Jazz on the Road festival, the duo will propose modern and refined arrangements of jazz standards, also thanks to the support of loop station, voice effects and Ableton Live.

Biancamaria Scoccia was born in L’Aquila in 1993. She shows an interest for music in her early ages, starting to study piano and music theory at the age of 8. Four years later she commits herself to vocal studies, joining a small musical company. After small professional experiences in her home town, ranging from rock to blues, she comes closer to the jazz world thanks to the attendance of some summer workshops. She starts her jazz vocals studies in Saint Louis College of Music at 17, under guidance of the singers, composers and educators Federica Zammarchi, Susanna Stivali and Elisabetta Antonini. Her jazz passion grows and she starts to understand its complex language, studying at the same time harmony, solfeggio, improvisation and arrangement, At present, she is preparing for the final year and completion of her 1st cycle academic diploma in jazz vocals.

Alessandro Donadei was born in Bari in 1990. Grown up in a family surrounding connected to the art world, he approaches to music very young. At 6 he starts his classic guitar studies. Then he gets closer to the rock/blues world, becoming interested in the virtuous “shredders” such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. These are also the years of his first live, professional experiences in Southern Italy with local bands. After the secondary school he enrols in Saint Louis College of Music to enlarge his music language through the jazz studies under guidance of the guitar players Umberto Fiorentino and Nico Stufano. At present he is in his second 1st cycle Academic year of jazz guitar studies.



Laura Lala – vocals
Sade Mangiaracina - piano

Lala & Sade is an intimate, cosy, but powerful project, which nurtures itself of the shared passion of the two Sicilian artists for jazz and improvisation on one side and “songs” on the other.

Together they gave life to two albums already, “Pure Songs” and “Anche le Briciole hanno un sapore…” (Crumbs, too, can be tasty…) both warmly acclaimed at Italian level by audience and reviews.

In their European Tour they will be presenting a repertoire entirely made up by their original compositions. They will share their stories, their little worlds, their “crumbs”, either in Italian, in English or in Sicilian, directly whispering in music to those who will be able to open their ears and hearts.

Laura Lala studied jazz vocals with Maria Pia De Vito at the Brass Group in Palermo, her home town, where she was born and bred. In the same school she studied jazz piano and ensemble classes with Salvatore Bonafede. In 2005 she graduated with honours at the DAMS (Arts and Music Faculty) of Palermo, writing a thesis under guidance of the musicologist Marcello Piras, for whom she later worked as assistant. She then moved to Rome and studied with Cinzia Spata in Saint Louis College of Music to perfect her jazz knowledge. She attended several specialization workshops, studying with Norma Winstone, Mark Murohy, Kathleen Perry, Susanne Abbhuel, Sheila Jordan, Bob Stoloff.

Sade Mangiaracina was born in Trapani, Sicily. She started studying classical piano at the age of 7. From 9 to 18 yearsold she participated in several national and international classical music competitions, always achieving outstanding results. After the secondary school, she moved to Rome to accomplish her jazz studies, obtaining an honour diplome in the Percentomusica school. Lately she performed with many well-known Italian pop and jazz artists, such as Simona Molinari and Fabrizio Bosso often playing in France (Paris, Marciac jazz festival, St Germain des Pres), opening Dionne Warwick’s Italian tour, and playing in the most prestigious European festivals, theatres and clubs.



Gianluca Massetti - piano
Dario Giacovelli – bass
Moreno Maugliani – drums

A-Trio was born in 2012 from a natural, spontaneous friendship, being the meeting of three young musicians sharing the same passion for all kind of music, but for jazz in particular.
This heartfelt love is clear in their composition, where simple melodies and rhythmic energy combine, winking to contemporary music genres.
The trio took part in several competitions and national festivals and in September 2015 recorded their first live EP in Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, featuring Javier Girotto and Rosario Giuliani as special guests.
Along with their original compositions their repertoire ranges from reinterpretations of famous songs and jazz standards in a modern key.

Dario Giacovelli was born in Southern Italy in 1990. He starts studying electric bass in 2003. In 2008 he moves to Rome where he starts a music study path in Saint Louis College of Music, which allows him to get to know better various genres among which funk, jazz, soul, pop, r&b, Latin, electronics, Mediterranean music, experiencing playing in Orchestras, as well as accompanying gospel and jazz choirs. In 2014 he starts studying double bass. He also attended several national jazz specialization workshops, awarded with scholarships and prizes in both Umbria Jazz and Fara Sabina Fest. At present he is very active on the national jazz scene performing with the trio in clubs and festivals, but also collaborating with well-known jazz and pop artists.

Gianluca Massetti, born in 1990, started his music studies at the age of 7 and started playing in front of audiences very soon, immediately starting to compose his own tunes and getting closer to modern song-writing. During the years he acquired a multi-stylistic formation thanks to his studies in Saint Louis College of Music, approaching music styles as jazz, Latin, pop, rock, blues, gospel, funk, fusion, soul and Big Band music actively rehearsing and performing inside the resident orchestra. He was awarded with many scholarships. He recorded for the RAI (Italian National tv broadcast) and collaborated with main pop national artists touring with them throughout Italy and Europe.

Moreno Maugliani was born in 1985. He started studying in Saint Louis at the age of 22, following a multi-stylistic path at first, to then specialize and achieving his final degree in Jazz Drums and Percussions. He works as recording and live session drummer with Italian famous Pop artists. In the jazz context he is very active with the A-trio, with which is developing an original music project that is obtaining wide consent in festivals and competitions.


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