held by Stefano Mastruzzi, (musician, composer and director of Saint Louis)

Over 340 pages of scores have been the subject of care and attention and at the same time uniform reading for jazz professionals or enthusiasts. ITALIAN JAZZ REAL BOOK represents a significant contribution to the diffusion and valorization of Italian jazz music in Europe and in the rest of the world.

It was exciting to retrace the stages of the development of jazz culture in Italy through the analysis of hundreds of scores. Ideal historical route from the 1950s to the present day. The American influence found here a very fertile ground capable of combining the jazz language with sensitivity.

The care dedicated to the scores is the goal, respecting the autographed indications of the authors, to facilitate their reading and interpretation by musicians from all over the world.

These adaptations are necessary to make the scores universally recognizable, without altering their content. The language consolidated by the series of Real Books published in the last decades. In the choice of the authors and their works, a selective criterion was adopted that took into account the most innovative musical characteristic of the jazz form.

Italian jazz Real book, I am sure that this first work is a necessary contribution to a relevant artistic production now of world domination. The real book was designed and edited by a musician for all musicians.