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11, 12, 13 September
Theater Studio
Auditorium Parco della Musica


Jammin 'year 2013 is an author review adrift between the sound waves of jazz and the vibrations of pop.

A curious look at the artistic world of the new generations, on the frequencies outside the box, driven by a breath of creativity and lively inspiration.

Produced by the Saint Louis College of Music in collaboration with the Musica per Roma Foundation, Jammin 'proposes for the seventh edition of the most interesting artists of 2013 with their latest record publications.


Sept. 11
Lala & Sade
"Even the crumbs have a taste"

Laura Lala - voice
Sade Mangiaracina - piano
Giacomo Buffa - bass
Alessandro Marzi - drums

Orchestra D’Archi BIM by Giuseppe Tortora
The review opens with the formation composed by the singer Laura Lala, by the pianist Sade Mangiarancina who will present a preview of the new album Le Briciole Hanno Un Sapore.
«This album is like a logbook drawn up in recent years in which I have concentrated a lot on my life as well as on music, which is a very important part of it but not the only one. I tried to orient myself on a path towards awareness, a path that of course will never be fully completed, discovering that the essence of research is the path itself rather than the intended goal ".

Laura Lala


September 12

Natalio Mangalavite - piano
Martin Bruhn - drums, percussion and vocals

Argentine folk music and jazz. Popular pieces of the folkloristic tradition and original themes proposed in an elegant and refined way. Simple melodies and harmonies, elaborated with passion and feeling. Ancient songs, little-known rhythms give those who listen to their new project, which has also become a Juego record, a feeling of "sound embrace" that is good for the soul.


13 September

Marco Siniscalco - electric basses and live electronics
Emanuele Smimmo - drums and percussion
Enrico Zanisi - piano

RadioTrio attinge il suo repertorio al mondo del rock sto- rico; coniuga tutta l’energia di cui è capace il rock con l’eleganza che caratterizza il jazz. I brani sono quelli della migliore tradizione rock, da Emerson, Lake & Palmer a Tom Waits, dai Led Zeppellin ai Genesis, da Jimi Hendrix a Bruce Springsteen. Freedom of interpretation is total, as jazz teaches, and contemplates improvisation in the most modern sense of the term, as contamination, quotation and creation of new horizons.