selezioni di cantautori, Jammin’, Jammin' 2022


16, 20, 21, 22, 23 September
Petrassi room
Auditorium Parco della Musica


Like an alien invasion, spaceships of the Saint Louis teleport Jammin 'to Rome in 2016.

14th edition of a musical anthology mirroring the artistic trends born in Italy, pages browsed by the September Roman breeze.

Jammin 'year 2016 an extraordinary review that aims elsewhere, this noise that breaks the silence and projects 200 artists, already great musicians, onto the stage.

Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock sound like rusty gears of the last century, they make the earthly events of the gods of Olympus smile like today; music is also unpredictable like the human soul, because it is its fruit, it springs from everyday life that everything is anything but linear, it is chaos, reflection, vision, interaction, solitude, conservation and avant-garde, because there is no freedom without certain boundaries .

The frame is the limit to the painter's freedom, just as living marble can only be reduced and shaped by the chisel, the illusion of augmented reality is only a quantum bit algorithm, which in truth goes very little beyond the tangible. Indeed, it is our individual and collective consciousness that explodes boundless worlds into the infinitely small, an eternal music in the duration of a concert.

And then the public, because it is the people who make the history of the concert, so present in recent years that they force us to change room for a larger one, the Sala Petrassi, where Maestro Goffredo will listen to pleased artists in their twenties with still the bold daring to make music with your fingers, breath and sweat, just a few meters from people's gaze instead of safe inside a plasma screen poorly concealed by tinted background layers.

Stefano Mastruzzi,

Jammin 'year 2016 - PROGRAM


Geni XX, songwriters of the 21st century

Valentina Ramunno, voice and piano
Gabriele Calanca, bass
Ranieri Scoccia, drums

Roberta Staffieri, voice
Cristina Carlini, live electronics
Davide Sambrotta, keyboards
Corrado Filiputti, guitar
Alberto Cari, bass
Daniele Sambrotta, drums

Martina Cori, vocals
Giuseppe Rizzo, keyboards
Benjamin Ventura, keyboards
Emanuele Triglia, bass
Davide Savarese, drums

Marla, voice
Alexandra Maiolo, electric guitar
Valerio Carbone, electric bass
Davide Sambrotta, keyboards and choirs
Daniele Sambrotta, drums

September 16 Marla
Orlando in concert


Geni XY, songwriters of the 21st century

Alessandro Virgilio, voice and acoustic guitar
Gianluca Robustelli, electric guitar
Matteo Patrone, piano and synth
Stefano Zandomeneghi, bass
Antony Manzi, drums and choirs

Giacomo Iraci - vocals, guitar
Massimo Pariboni - guitar
Leonardo Schirone - keyboards
Pietro Lorenzotti - bass
Daniele Scott Sambrotta - drums

Presentation of “Orlando”, the latest disruptive record product by Saint Louis Urban 49 and Danilo Cherni
Alessandro Orlando - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Voice
Valentino Cervini - Electric guitar and backing vocals
Eugenio Valente - Keyboards and choirs
Dario Zema - Percussion and choirs
Roberta Lombardini - choirs
Marta Cherni - choirs
Lisa Fiorani - backing vocals
Alessio Renda - Bass
Guglielmo Senatore - Drums and choirs


We are history

21 September 2016, a dreamy autumn where leaves fall to make room for those to come, younger and stronger.
A tribute to the 40 years of Saint Louis, an artisan workshop that is the pride of Italy in the world, admired by institutions across Europe and a popular destination for new generations of musicians.
An unpredictable concert, as it would have been appreciated by our extraordinary Alessandro Centofanti to whom we dedicate it with affection.
On stage artists, singers, musicians who brought prestige to the life of Saint Louis, first as students and then teachers, ideal companions on a journey where the goal is to continue traveling, because we are the history of Saint Louis.

Saint Louis Big Band diretta dal M° Antonio Solimene, Maria Grazia Fontana Sat&B, Roberto Gatto, Enrico Pieranunzi, Chiara Civello, Maria Pia De Vito, Javier Girotto, Danilo Rea & Paolo Damiani, Gegè Telesforo, Saint Louis Pop Orchestra diretta dal M° Vincenzo Presta, Antonella De Grossi, Rock & Roll Circus con Lello Panico, William Stravato, Giacomo Anselmi, Daniele Pomo, Daniele Chiantese, Alessandro Gwis, Dario Zeno, Michele Papadia, Christian Capasso, Pietro Lorenzotti, Adriana Persico, Ilenia Bianchi, Marco Manusso, Saint Louis Voices di Milena Nigro e…

GeGe telesforo and Combo
September Laterah


Smashing gig

Francesco Fratini, trumpet
Alessio Bernardi, saxophone and transverse flute
Paolo Zou, guitar
Benjamin Ventura, pianoforte e synth
Stefano Rossi, bass
Davide Savarese, drums

Valerio Garavaglia, voice and percussion
Ilenia Bianchi, voice
Adriana Persico, voice
Elena Allegri, voice
Giuseppe Panico, trumpet
Costantino Stamatopoulus, tenor sax
Emanuele Andolfi, electric guitar, synthesizer and vocoder
Daniele Greco, electric and acoustic guitar
Benjiamin Ventura, keyboards
Lorenzo Beverati, electric bass
Davide Savarese, drums, vocals and drum-machine

Angela Radoccia, voice
Corrado Filiputti, guitar
Antonio Coronato, bass
Stefano Rossi, bass
Davide Savarese, drums


European Jazz on the road

Leonardo Pruneti, slowly

Andrea Saffirio, piano
Andrea Colella, double bass
Matteo Bultrini, drums

First prize winners of the European B-Jazz competition
Florian Favre, piano
Manu Hagmann, contrabbasso
Paul Amereller, drums
Barbieri / Luca Aquino / Enrico Zanisi

23 settembre No Trio For Cats