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5, 6, 7, 25 and 26 SEPTEMBER

Jammin and 2018

Jammin 'year 2018 is the review promoted by Saint Louis dedicated to emerging groups and the discovery of new talents in every musical field.

Now in its 16th edition.

On the stage of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the Festival under the artistic direction of Stefano Mastruzzi and Francesca Gregori over the last 16 years has promoted young experimentation at an international level and the best emerging Italian artists, giving space to the most varied musical offer of sound universes.

"Jammin 'year 2018, music over the top, a sinusoidal pentagram that curves the space between the folds of time, a cognitive becoming beyond the physical dimensional limit, young minds, illuminated by Euterpe, who with platonic aim return to the cave to help men to understand transcendent truths. "

Stefano Mastruzzi artistic director

Anche quest’anno, un’accurata selezione porta sul palco del Jammin’ anno 2018 40 giovanissimi artisti, jazzisti, cantautori, produttori, compositori e autori che si esibiscono, nel corso di diverse serate, presentando il proprio progetto di musica originale, accanto a straordinari artisti di fama internazionale come Roberto Gatto e Rosario Giuliani, mentre la tradizione delle grandi orchestre riprende nuova linfa incarnandosi in ensemble freschi e moderni come l’Hip Hop & Neo Soul diretto da Charles Burchell and the Saint Louis Pop Orchestra conducted by Vincenzo Presta. JAMMIN’ – The Best of…


September 5th

"Jazz Tales"

Beat4tet Special Guest Rosario Giuliani
Daahoud Salim 5tet
Martin Salem trio
Beat4tet special guest Rosario Giuliani

The project was born from the meeting between Beatrice Gatto, singer of the quartet, with Federico Buccini, Guglielmo Molino and Simone Lanzillotti. The group offers covers revisited and interpreted in a unique and personal way by each member of the project. On the occasion of the Jammin 'evening, the quartet will perform accompanied by the refined sax of special guest Rosario Giuliani.

Beatrice Gatto, voice
Rosario Giuliani, sax
Federico Buccini, keyboards
Guglielmo Molino, bass
Francesco Sacchini, Federica Capretti

Daahoud Salim 5tet
Winner of the B-Jazz International Contest 2017

The quintet of Spanish pianist Daahoud Salim is proposed to Jammin 'in 2018. It was founded in Amsterdam in 2015. Since then, the band has played in some of the most important festivals in Europe and released two albums. Winner of the 40th Getxo Jazz Festival and the B-Jazz International Contest, the ensemble presents a repertoire made up of compositions by Daahoud and his father Abdu Salim, Texan saxophonist and composer, a source of inspiration for the band. The quintet won the 2017 edition of the prestigious Belgian jazz competition B-Jazz International Contest which takes place annually in Leuven and which rewards the new original jazz, of which Saint Louis is a partner.

Daahoud Salim, piano
Bruno Calvo, waterspout
Pablo Martinez, trombone
Hendrik Müller, double bass
Sun-Mi Hong, drums

Martin Salemi trio
Winner of the 2018 B-Jazz International Contest

Founded by Belgian pianist Martin Salemi, the trio released their first album "Short Stories" in 2017 under the Igloo Records label. A collection of inspired compositions where ballads, swing, asymmetrical grooves and enveloping rhythms alternate. The trio won the 2018 edition of the prestigious Belgian jazz competition B-Jazz International Contest which takes place annually in Leuven and which rewards the new original jazz, of which Saint Louis is a partner.

Martin Salemi, softly
Mike Delaere, bass
Toine Cnockaert, drums

Rosario Giuliani guest at the Music Festival
martin salemi trio
Open Letters
jammin 2018
Gullo Stefano

September 6

“New Jazz”

Open Letter / Conversessions / Stefano Gullo
Another proposal at Jammin 'year 2018 and Open Letter is a musical project led by Lorenzo Taddei, composer and guitarist of the group. The project, born in the autumn of 2017, began to make its way into the Roman and non-Roman music scene, defining its genre as nujazz. The first album "Bonsai" was released in May 2018. In the autumn the group will be engaged on a tour that will take them, in addition to Italy, to Spain and the Netherlands.

h 21:30
Ludovico Franco, waterspout
Iacopo Teolis, trumpet and flugelhorn
Alberto Enguita, sax
Matteo Rossi, keyboards
Flavio Calogero, bass
Elia de Benedictis, drums

Project born from an idea of ​​Emanuele Righini and Giacomo Tagliaventi, whose conceptual mantra is musical interaction. Music as a refined and effective language, as a dialogue, a collective "conversation" that touches introspective aspects of human nature. The stylistic influences that belong to the members of the group allow you to experiment and range from Modern Jazz, to Neo Soul, from Electronic to Progressive, up to a range of more aggressive sounds, such as Metal and Djent.

Emanuele Righini, guitar
Giacomo Tagliaventi, keyboards
Matteo Montanari, tenor sax
Guglielmo Molino, bass
Davide Fabrizio, drums and percussion

Stefano Gullo
Unpublished jazz project, led by guitarist Stefano Gullo, with multi-stylistic influences, from soul to electronic music.

Stefano Gullo, guitar
Marco Pasquariello, softly
Giuseppe Panico, trumpet
Marco Bonelli, tenor sax
Stefano Zaralli, baritone sax
Gabriele Calanca, bass
Luca Taurmino, drums

September 7

“Neo Soul”

Federico Proietti / Davide Valeri / Hip Hop & Neo Soul Ensemble diretto da Charles Burchell

New proposal at Jammin 'year 2018 and Federico Proietti
Roman singer-songwriter, Federico Proietti made his debut with his first single "Queen of darkness" in December 2017. In his songs he talks about experiences, sensations or simply invented stories, putting them to music in a cross of genres ranging from Pop to Indie, passing from Rap to Alternative Rock, in a fresh and modern key.

Federico Proietti, voice and guitar
Leonardo Carfora, guitar, keyboard and backing vocals
Francesco Sacchini, Federica Capretti
Iacopo Volpini, drums

Davide Valeri
Young pianist and composer of 21 years, Davide Valeri has already distinguished himself as an author and performer. On the occasion of the evening Jammin 'he will present some unreleased songs that will be featured in the forthcoming EP under the artistic direction of the singer-songwriter Grazia Di Michele.

Davide Valeri, voice and piano
Gabriele Consiglio, guitar
Umberto Valseschini, bass
Cristiano Ciarrapico, drums

Hip Hop & Neo Soul Ensemble directed by Charles Burchell
The new project by Charles Burchell, multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, teacher from New Orleans sees a complete orchestra try their hand at improvisation on stage with Neo Soul and Hip Hop sounds, a mix of creativity and improvisation on an innovative, new musical genre. fresh, which manages to involve the listener with the urban rhythms and the spirit of denunciation on which this genre has established itself over the years. A staff of 22 musicians who will take the stage in rotation in an unrestrained performance, a real jam session with the task of entertaining and amusing.

Sara Sbaragli, Pierluigi Varrenti, Leodias Jack Johnson, Juan Claudio Averoff, Valeria Piccolo, Angela Radoccia, Lucrezia Cesaroni, Rachele Biliotti, Camilla Gallo

Piano & Tastiere
Agnese Rizzari
Giacomo Tagliaventi
Domenico Faramondi, Synth

Luca Bellanova
Emanuele Righini
Federico Ciancabilla

Fabio Massimo Barelli
Gabriele Calanca
Alvaro Garcia Labao

Drums and Percussion
Dalila Murano
Luca Taurmino

Electronics/Sound Design
Alessandro Citterio

Federico Proietti
Davide Valeri
Contemporary Music
Saint Louis Pop Orchestra

September 25th


Tamyla / Saint Louis Pop Orchestra conducted by M ° Vincenzo Presta

Sofia Buscema, aka Tamyla, writes the lyrics of her songs in the different languages ​​she has spoken since she was a child, Spanish, French, English and Italian. Always passionate about soul music, she has been interested in every musical genre, from pop, to blues, to jazz.

Sofia Buscema, voice
Valentina Ramunno, piano
Federico Murgia, guitar
Gabriele Calanca, bass
Luca Taurmino, drums

Saint Louis Pop Orchestra
directed by M ° Vincenzo Presta

An extraordinary orchestra of 30 elements that reinterprets the tradition of Italian and international pop music, with arrangements curated by M ° Vincenzo Presta.

Claudio Laguardia
Ivan Poddubny

Thomas Valente

Alessio Lima
Emidio Mazzilli
Stefano Zandomeneghi

Electric guitars
Leonardo Carfora
Alexandra Maiolo

Acoustic guitars
Egidio Salinaro
Davide Conti

Leonardo Pruneti

Edoardo Lupo
Adriano D’Amico

Adriano Meliffi, Giacomo Campolo, Francesco Sacchini, Mattia Pedretti, Flaminia Lobianco, Lisa Fiorani, Irene Calvia, Francesca Pugliese, Giada De Biagi, Chiara Vannini

Winds and Strings
Mario Caporilli 1st trumpet
Roman Villanueva 2nd Tromba
Gianluca Caetani sax
Luciano Pischetola trombone

Arches Section
coordinated by Giuseppe Tortora

Live electronics
Daniele Ricca

Sound engineer
Alessandro Priori Boehm

September 26

"Jazz Tales"

Roberto Gatto Lysergic Band / Jarno Verheyen Trio

Roberto Gatto Lysergic Band
Original songs and arrangements of famous soundtracks by Roberto Gatto who proposes the “Lysergic Band” project with a group made up of musicians chosen from among the best talents of Saint Louis.

Roberto Gatto, drums
Danilo Bughetti, trumpet
Elisabetta Mattei, trombone
Vincenzo Presta, tenor sax
Paolo Recchia, alto sax
Emanuele Rizzo, slowly
Emanuele Guarnieri, softly
Guido Della Gatta, guitar
Alessio Renda, bass

Jarno Verheyen Trio
Jasper, Jesse and Jarno met at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp, Belgium. Inspired by the same artists as Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, these three young musicians found a deep understanding in playing together. Performing in various jazz clubs in Belgium, the group was able to develop new musical ideas, without ever losing sight of the idea behind it all: the fun of playing together and for each other.

Jarno Verheyen, piano
Jasper De Roeck, basso
Jesse Dockx, batteria

Jazz Tales
Jarno Verheyen