selezioni di cantautori, Jammin’, Jammin' 2022


14, 15 and 16 September
In collaboration with Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.


Jammin 'is the review promoted by the Saint Louis College of Music, dedicated to emerging artists and the discovery of new talents in all musical fields.

Now in its twentieth edition, the Festival, with the artistic direction of Stefano Mastruzzi and Francesca Gregori, over the last twenty years has promoted experimentation at an international level and the best emerging Italian artists, giving space to the most varied musical offer of multi-verses sound. Javier Girotto and Natalio Mangalavite will be the Special Guests of the 2022 edition of Jammin ', three evenings of concerts - 14, 15 and 16 September - on the stage of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, JAMMIN ', THE NEW TALENTS.


September 14

Michele Frascà' presents "ALMA"
Special Guest Javier Girotto & Natalio Mangalavite

Michele Frascá Chitarra & voce
Sofia Ara Sax&Flutes
Emanuele Guarnieri Piano
Marco Amarelli Basso
Marco Motta Drums
Lorenzo Gurini Percussioni
Adriana Marinucci Viola
Giulia Anita Bari Violin
Susanna Rubi Garcia Cello
Carla Mulas Violin

The "Alma" recording project, released on the Saint Louis record label "Camilla Records", is the result of the work of a "young" life. Michele Frascá, guitarist and leader of the Roman ethno-jazz band, began composing the first pieces of the debut album at the age of sixteen. In November 2022 he enters the recording studio with his own handwritten arrangements. He writes a ballad for string quartet, "Aliz" and "Once", the most jazzy piece of the project. The songs like and have the particular attention of two giants of Latin Jazz in Italy: Javier Girotto and Natalio Mangalavite. On November 14th the group enters the studio and with the active collaboration of Mangalavite as artistic director and Girotto al Sax, “ALMA” is born.

Michele frasca
Concerto Michele Frascà feat. Girotto & Mangalavite
Empatia Sils e Beatrice La Sala
Beatrice La Sala
Silvia Iannacci

September 15

Martina Petracca - "Empathy"

Martina Petracca voice
Miriam Petitta electric guitar
Massimiliano Martinelli acoustic guitar
Sara Annecchini keyboard
Laura Candela bass
Ruben Mammano drums

Empathy means “getting into the feeling”, and what more could a musician want when playing in front of an audience?
Martina Petracca, aka Empatia, is a Roman singer-songwriter, born in 2000, who began to be passionate about music from an early age.
He began studying singing at the age of 9 and later guitar and piano.
After high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Modern Literature at La Sapienza in Rome and at the same time studied singing in the Jazz department of the Saint Louis College Of Music Conservatory.
He began writing songs as a teenager, drawing inspiration from his readings, Italian songwriters and scenes of everyday life that he breathes in his Roman neighborhood.
He cultivates various passions, including painting, photography and a strong propensity for the environment.

Beatrice La Sala

Beatrice La Sala voice and guitar
Andrea Rosatelli bass
Bernardino Ponzani drums

Beatrice La Sala, born in 1998, became passionate about music as a child, choosing the guitar as her instrument. Since the early years of high school she has been looking for the possibility of expressing herself through music, so she begins to write and compose.
After his first experiences in a band, he flies to Rome to study at the Saint Louis College of Music.
An intense activity of growth, live experience in clubs and social work begins; on the latter she is noticed by Andrea Rosatelli, who offers her a production. She finally joins Bernardino Ponzani, on drums, giving the project a distinctly rock sound.
From this artistic union, the project begins to take shape and immediately stands out for its originality and energy, several brands come forward to support the production, including D'Angelico Ny Guitars and Anatomy of Sound. It has recently been selected as the opening of the Live Rock Festival in Acquaviva (Siena).
“Sharp voice, guitar that knows how to be rough and passionate, Beatrice La Sala is at ease both with the stylistic features of black music and with European echoes. A solid and well-run trio. " [Live Rock Festival]
Today the singer-songwriter has her first record pre-produced and ready to enter the studio.


Silvia Iannacci guitar, piano and voice
Natascha Giustini guitar
Andrea Rosatelli bass
Roberto Palladino drums

Sils, stage name of Silvia Iannacci, is a singer-songwriter from Terracina, born in 1996. Since she was a child, she has shown a great propensity for art and above all for music. This passion pushes her towards the study of music and writing. She has always divided herself on different instruments such as drums, guitar, piano and voice.
He is working on his first album and the first unreleased one will be out shortly.

September 16

Urban Quartet

Gianluca Robustelli Guitar
Giuseppe Sacchi Piano
Vincenzo Quirico Double Bass
Federico Balestra Drums

Urban Quartet is a group formed by Gianluca Robustelli (guitar), Giuseppe Sacchi (piano), Vincenzo Quirico (double bass) and Federico Balestra (drums).
Born between the meeting of the four during the various Roman jam sessions, the group's sound has its roots in mainstream jazz, without however precluding the door to any kind of contamination. The repertoire consists of standards taken from the American song book, originals by the great masters of jazz and original compositions.

Alessio Mazzei Quintet

Alessio Mazzei guitar
Emanuele Bono softly
Emanuela Maglione voice
Ludovico Aru double bass
Federico Balestra drums

Trained in the ranks of Saint Louis, guitarist Alessio Mazzei immediately tried his hand at composing original songs, gradually refining his writing. His style starts from jazz but moves decisively towards other genres such as rock / pop / progressive, moving away from the bebop tradition. Through his passages, the composer paints images drawn from his experience and from the experiences collected around the world.

“A” Quintet

Emanuela Sweater vocals
Valerio Apuzzo trumpet
Emanuele “Manny” Fioretti piano
Vincenzo Quirico double bass
Federico Balestra drums

"A" Quintet is a formation made up of young Italian musicians active on the Roman scene, born in 2021 from an idea of ​​Emanuela Maglione (vocals) and Valerio Apuzzo (trumpet). The staff are completed by the pianist Manny Fioretti and the well-established rhythm section consisting of Vincenzo Quirico (double bass) and Federico Balestra (drums).
The quintet ranges from the interpretation of sophisticated jazz tunes to the versatility of contemporary jazz, also combined in original pieces with individual and collective signature.
The group's main focus is undoubtedly improvisation, here an instrument of dialogue declined in its many forms and articulated in a path that, starting from the jazz of the American tradition, leads us to the sounds of the first twenty years of this new millennium.

Urban Quartet Alessio Mazzei e Emanuela Maglione