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Are you an aspirant music performer, songwriter, composer or music producer and you want to get professional about it? Then Saint Louis is what you are looking for!

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Saint Louis has a lively and active community of International students, cherishing Global Citizenship. The International Office staff offers mentoring and support, while alumni and expert students facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges and organize social events for newcomers.


Saint Louis is located in Rome historical Centre, walking distance from the Colosseum. The city-block buildings in Rome and in Milan, are equipped with soundproof classrooms, practice rooms and recording studios, in a pedestrian area inhibited to traffic. The surrounding is rich in cafeterias, restaurants, club and live music clubs.

International Summer Camp corsi per fiati

Saint Louis organizes international music events and participates in the Erasmus+ program. It is also an incubator of new Projects promoting International growth and confrontation.

Borsa di Studio Evidenza

Saint Louis is the only High Education Music Institute in Italy working on the constant production of live events featuring its students. We believe in the practical learning on real stages, involving sound engineers, composers and applied music. And we put all our energies in that.


Founded in 1976, Saint Louis is among the most renowned music didactic realities of European scope, attended by over 1.800 students per year, coming from all Nations. It vaunts a steady educating staff made up of 120 tutors of National and international repute, chaired since 1998 by M° Stefano Mastruzzi.

Saint Louis is the first private Institution authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to award 1st and 2nd cycle Diplomas (equivalent to Bachelor and Master Titles) in:

Jazz / Popular Music / Electronic Music / Sound Engineering / Composition and Film Scoring / Applied Music

SAINT LOUIS COLLEGE OF MUSIC The first private High Education Music Institute in Italy authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to award 1st and 2nd cycle academic diplomas, equivalent to bachelor and master’s level degreestica