Zoom is the video conferencing platform used by Saint Louis


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Where can I download Zoom?

You can download the zoom application by connecting to the videoconference link. Quick registration will be required.
It is also possible to download the zoom application via this link

The platform will require the creation of an account

How do I start Zoom?

Zoom will start automatically every time you log into a videoconference link.

However, it is possible to start the application by following these instructions.

Mac: If after installation the link does not appear in the taskbar, search and start the Zoom.us application on the Finder at the top right

Windows: After installation, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. If it does not appear you can start zoom directly through the windows taskbar.

When will the videoconference lessons be held?

The times and duration of the lessons will remain unchanged.

Once you have accessed the videoconference, wait for the access of your classmates and the teacher who could also connect later than you. Zoom gives students the opportunity to connect even before the start time of the lesson and to wait.

Where can I find the links to connect to videoconferences?

Each lesson/videoconference has its own link.

Find the relative link in the section “Schedule and class registers current year” of your Reserved Area

How can I learn more about all the features of the Zoom platform?

For more information you can connect to the page Help Center where you can find detailed instructions on each feature of the platform.

Will all lessons be replaced online?

Most of the lessons can be followed by videoconference; however, some subjects, such as orchestras, workshops, choirs and others, do not lend themselves to being held by videoconference and will therefore be canceled or recovered later. You will be able to recognize these exceptions directly within the Reserved Area where the wording will appear "Cancelled Lesson"

Attention: if the “Skype”, “Zoom” or “Cancelled Lesson” status does not appear in the lesson, it means that the status under definition. Check the Reserved Area regularly to follow updates.

How can I connect the audio of an instrument to a music software?

Connect to this link to read the detailed guide

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