Barbara Ochoa

La master class a cura di Barbara Ochoa è dedicata all’approfondimento della tecnica vocale rock, con un focus sulle strategie di performance e presenza scenica. Ai partecipanti sarà dimostrato come utilizzare la propria voce in maniera potente e al tempo stesso mantenerla in salute. La parte finale sarà dedicata a “Domande & Risposte”, in cui Ms. Ochoa condividerà la sua esperienza personale.

Each participant will be called to interpret an entire rock song, chosen by him / her, accompanied by the band that will be present for the entire duration of the master. This will be followed by a coaching phase and a second performance to apply the techniques learned.
It is highly recommended to warm up your voice before the start of the Masterclass.

Free entrance

Credits for academic courses: 1/3 CFA

Barbara Ochoa is a successful vocalist and a veteran of the stage. She grew up in the Midwest in the USA, where Rock and Roll is a way of living. She graduated from Columbia College with a mention of merit in singing and music production. She has worked alongside many rock bands and in solo projects.