Dado Moroni jazz languages ​​in history

Master class by Dado Moroni on the history of jazz and its languages:

1. Origins of the jazz language and its derivations
2. Rhythm / harmony / melody relationship and importance of the blues
3. Chord construction and melody orchestration
4. Introduction to harmonic and melodic improvisation
5. Accompaniment techniques
6. Approach to composition
7. Behavior on stage and relationship with colleagues and listeners
8. The joy of music

▶ ️ Thursday 2 May 2019
h 17:00-21:00
Saint Louis via urbana, 49/a

Credits for academic courses: 1/2 CFA

Participation fees: Saint Louis students € 20; external € 30

Edgardo “Given” Moroni was born in Genoa in 1962 and came into contact with jazz music very early, thanks to his parents' record collection. He began playing the piano at the age of 4, while his professional career took off at the age of 14, playing all over Italy with some of the most important Italian musicians such as Franco Cerri, Tullio De Piscopo, Luciano Milanese, Gianni Basso , Sergio Fanni and Massimo Urbani.