Fabrizio Galassi Digital Music Marketing

Digital Music Marketing: How Musicians Can Leverage the Net. Strategies for a new market.

Understand and develop the strategies that determine the promotion and popularity of a musical product on the web, through Social Networks and Social Media Marketing.

Presentation meeting of the course Music Digital Marketing held by Fabrizio Galassi

Thursday 29 November 2018
h 18:00-21:00
Saint Louis, via baccina 47
Free admission, by reservation by writing to roberta@slmc.it

Digital Marketing Musicale – Workshop

In the course of Digital Marketing Music which will start in January 2019, techniques, tools and strategies will be studied in depth to acquire the knowledge of a complete management in the self promotion field.
A work of art, whatever it is, necessarily needs appropriate communication: from market research to the distribution and promotion of a video, from web convergence to advertising on Google and Facebook, from the foundations of marketing (SEO, SEM , DEM) to the conveyance of a finished product. All the most important features of new media will be explored: the Facebook pages, the Instagram account, as well as the authority of Twitter, the virality of YouTube, the professionalism of LinkedIn, the internationality of SoundCloud and BandCamp, and the need for manage an official site through a Content Management System (WordPress, Tumblr).
The student will have the opportunity to apply the techniques of self promotion directly on his musical project by creating a creative strategy aimed at achieving the intended objectives.

Fabrizio Galassi

Journalist, lecturer and Digital Marketing consultant, he was director of Rockstar.it until 2008; since 2009 he has taught digital marketing in music and art at IED in Rome in the Sound Design course; he has lectured at the Master in Management, Marketing and Communication of Music at La Sapienza, at the NUT Academy in Naples, as well as workshops and seminars throughout Italy. As a journalist he writes and has written for Repubblica.it, Kataweb, MTV Italia, Wired, IlFattoQuotidiano and Left. He has done digital consultancy for Ericsson, Rai, Nokia, BelieveDigital, Zimbalam, NUToneLab, Groovadia and ThinkLouder.